Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Politics

I see that Sky news will be hosting the opposition leaders' debate today. It's been two General Elections now, since I predicted here, that the Labour Party was simply waiting for David Milliband to mature and follow-on from 'The Man' Tony Blair and I may yet be proved right. I really don't believe from the evidence of the Brown disaster, that Britain is a nation temperamentally suited to the left of politics any longer and Milliband senior reflects the natural conservatism of the New Labour project. We'll see!

Personally, I quite like Diane Abbot and her common sense. If she could team up with Michael Portillo it would be a perfect combination.

Tony Flaig's Big News Margate takes a look at the 'Facts about Dalby Square' and draws an interesting conclusion: 'A Conservative administration is trying to increase affordable social housing and the Labour group have somehow manoeuvred themselves into a position where they're opposed housing.'

As you might expect, there's a great deal of disinformation flying around but let's remember that we have a chronic shortage of social housing here in Thanet and for me, as a councillor, it represents a regular part of my caseload. I'm in favour of retaining green space but I'm equally supportive of providing homes to families who desperately need them. I'm really quite surprised at the opposition that this is attracting from Cllr Hart, because as Tony Flaig quite correctly points out, it's the Conservatives who appear to be looking at the greater good when balancing the small green space (100 yards or so from the seafront) against the need for good social housing in an area which is crying out for such. I'm sure readers will however reach their own conclusions.

On Monday week, (13th September) there a Westgate & Westbrook Residents Association meeting and Council-leader Bob Bayford and I will both be attending.


Tony Beachcomber said...

Perhaps Clive Hart is representing the views of the people who elected him, it does happen in the Labour Group

Anonymous said...

One trouble with developing any green space in Dalby Sq is that while housing people is good - but not at any cost - and if that cost is losing any local green space then the quality of life will go down for everybody in this already badly overcrowded area which has few enough already suitable amenities judging from the number of groups of people aimlessly hanging around the streets and often getting up to mischief.
I am a local person there and have been for 12 years

Peter Checksfield said...

Where is the Westgate & Westbrook residents meeting being held Simon, & at what time?

DrM. said...

This month the residents association meeting is, I believe at Westbrook bowls club at 7:15pm