Friday, September 10, 2010

Only 16th Place

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I was both moved and delighted to read in today's Thanet Gazumph, that I had been awarded 16th place in the 'UK's Worst Political Weblogs'; an award I knew nothing about in a category I didn't even know I was qualified for inclusion. I'm a little disappointed that the editor of the political website responsible for the accolade, couldn't be bothered to send an email congratulating me on the award; perhaps with an accompanying logo to proudly display on my own website for me to feel smug about and for others to admire!

As a literary distinction, it is of course on a par with Tony Blair's 'Journey'; now filling a somewhat lonely space on the shelves at Waterstones in Westwood Cross. I would like to commend 'Smudger' for the hours of diligent detective work that led to the chance discovery of a mention for 'ThanetLife' on a rather obscure blog-site, 'Sociology with a Militant Twist', that lies several political miles to left of Karl Marx. However, it's more likely that 'Smudger', who visibly struggles with the internet, had a little help, as did my nomination, from someone who shares her interest in political ranking.

Although I have problems spelling 'Soicology' I see I'm on top of Conservative MP, Nadine Dorries, which isn't such a bad position to find myself in. Overall winner of the award for the Worst Political Weblog, was the very popular 'Guido Fawkes', described  by the awards panel as: a "stinking turd of a blog" and which appears to share the same distinction as everyone else on the awards list. Curiously, several appear to be vaguely Conservative or Liberal-leaning (and I include Alastair Campbell) with the party's 'top-blogger' Ian Dale of Total Politics, in at No:3.

The distinguished 'Top Twenty' is as follows:

20) Tax Research UK

19) Boatang and Demetriou

18) Old Holborn

17) Bloggerheads

16) Thanet Life

15) Nadine Dorries

14) Shiraz Socialist

13) James Delingpole

12) A particularly litigious blogger I refuse to link to.

11) Tory Bear

10) Liberal Conspiracy

9) Socialist Unity

8) Dizzy Thinks

7) Lenin's Tomb

6) Alastair Campbell

5) Obnoxio the Clown

4) Tim Worstall

3) Iain Dale's Diary

2) Harry's Place

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Ken Gregory said...

Simon, I am devastated not to be on the list, Its seems almost important to be on the list dreamed up by this poster.