Friday, September 24, 2010

One More Labour Quango Bites the Political Dust

I picked-up on the Guido Fawkes website today the "Great news that the backhanded theft of millions of pounds of taxpayers money by the Labour Party, also known as the Union Modernisation Fund, has been scrapped."

For those readers who didn't know how this worked, the illustration opposite explains the rather convoluted process of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

With Ed Milliband now the odds-on favourite to beat his more telegenic brother David (I'm going to lose that £5.00 bet) to become the next leader of the Labour party, Baldric, aka died-in-the-wool socialist, Tony Robinson, is going to have to come up with a truly cunning plan to replenish the Party's empty coffers, now this particular avenue of funding has been closed.

While none of the main political parties have unblemished records when it comes to raising large sums of money, I really do think that funding the Labour Party at the taxpayers expense through this particular 'Quango', now to be axed with may others, is an affront to our rather tatty-looking democracy.

However, it's reported that the biggest cost to the taxpayer still remains paid staff time spent working for the unions by public sector employees. That is time spent away from delivering public services and representing a union instead. Paid staff time is estimated to have cost £67.5m last year.

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Call me Infidel said...

I also spotted this item on GF blog but there is no link to show where the item came from. I think it outrageous that Labour has been getting away with this money laundering scheme and it should be stopped, but will it?

As for the election of Ed Miliband over David. Frankly I doubt it will make much difference to the long term prospects of Labour. It was not as if they had much talent to choose from with the likes of the odious Balls and the hypocrite Abbott also in the running. There is also the lurch to the left with the decision to run Ken Livingslime against Boris Johnson for the Mayor of London. That pretty much sums up Labour back to the future. I feel like I have been through a timewarp and have been transported back to the early 80's

At the moment Labour are gaining some support from disillusioned Libdems, but when it comes to an election proper I can see their support ebbing away. That and the likes of Bob Crow bringing more disruption. I think the longer the next general election is postponed the worse it will be as they become increasingly short of cash. Happy days!