Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Both For and Against Together

Reading the letters page in the YourThanet free newspaper today I'm a little confused by the Labour group's position on the Dalby Square planning application. I also despair at the rather  unimaginative political rhetoric I see coming from Cllrs Hart and Poole in their attacks on Cllr Chris Wells, the Conservative cabinet member for housing.

Chris has sent in his own letter of response to the newspaper in an attempt to clarify the issue but for those of you who don't receive it, here it is a little early:

"I am grateful for the recent letters from the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Thanet Labour Group making clear their group's position on social housing and green spaces.

To summarise: for green space and against social housing (scrutiny panel); against green space, and for social housing (planning committee); for green space and for social housing, but against taking up the £1.7milion grant to make it happen (cabinet).

Phew, I'm glad that's all out in the open then, I was really worried people might find the Labour group position a little confusing."

On a completely separate note, I walked into a business friend's office this morning and he had on his desk several hundred pounds worth of cheques from a company called uclaim4me.

"It's all to do with overcharging on credit cards and payment protection insurance on loans" he said. "I simply filled in the online form and they did they did the rest on my behalf and sent me these cheques."

I would normally take such financial advice with a large pinch of salt but the cheques on his desk were evidence enough for me to go and have a good look. I wonder if anyone else has been so succesful in recovering money from the banks and credit card companies?

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