Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blazing August

I'm hoping to get over to Margate to the' Dippers & Dunkers' before the biblical rainstorm, threatened for this afternoon appears. A quick glance at the radar weather map shows that a large red spot of bad weather now near Brighton, should be with us by mid-to late afternoon with up to 7cm of rain forecast. (Looks as if the first storm missed us but there's an even bigger one behind it!)

Yesterday, I had three flights over two music festivals, 'V' at Chelmsford and the 80's revival at Henley.  For August, it was pretty bad as you can see from the embedded video and getting any of the flights even part-done counted as a small miracle, given the howling gale over Essex and rain over Reading and the Thames Valley.

This last week, the nation has been 'Remembering the Few' and on Friday I chanced across a Spitfire and Hurricane of the Battle of Britain Flight, as they made their tour of Kent's historic airfields. I was just behind the ridge at Detling when the two passed by relatively close from the opposite direction. It reinforced the war-time fighter pilots stories that excellent eyesight is an asset and that if you don't see the enemy aircraft then its too late to avoid being shot down! In comparative speeds, it would have been curtains for the councillor!

I did see however that an embarrassed BBC were forced to remove a wartime colour photo from their website (pictured) celebrating the Battle of Britain, when it became obviously clear that one of the license 'luvvies' responsible, didn't know the difference between a Spitfire and an American Aircobra and couldn't be bothered to check either!

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