Thursday, July 01, 2010

In Synch

Blogging time is increasingly becoming a luxury these days, wedged firmly between the competing demands of business and cabinet/council duties. That said, I finally gave in a bought a new desktop PC and it's taken a good twenty-four hours to move most of my programs across and re-install the  more important software.

I haven't a clue where some of the licenses have gone or what's going to happen to the music on one machine, now I've switched across, thanks to the oppressive digital rights management that makes it very difficult to migrate from one system to another. On the way to school this morning, I told my daughter of those happy days, many years ago, when a new PC simply involved a mirror copy of its predecessor. Rampant software piracy and new licensing technologies soon put an end to that and I can recall attending the first meeting of FAST, the Federation Against Software Theft, which took  place at a wine bar in South Kensington in the late eighties I think.

Anyway, switching PCs means synchronizing my iPhone with another machine. I very carefully avoided accepting the iTunes 4.0 OS upgrade I was offered earlier and looking briefly at Tony Flaig's weblog, It seems that I did the right thing. However, the 'synch' process has been running for two hours now and I can't really be sure whether its actually working or not.

An interesting request came in earlier today, when I was called and asked if I could arrange a flight over the forthcoming Papal visits in both London and Glasgow. I replied that not even the Almighty himself, I suspect, would be able to convince the police that me flitting about over the top of the leader of the Catholic church was a good idea and I would expect the airspace surrounding the visit to be firmly closed to all but visiting angels and police helicopters.

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Michael Child said...

Simon you can add to this a new and bizarre twist from the software makers, I reformatted one of our older computers that one of my children uses recently, one of the programs on it was Ulead Photo Express, although I have the licence for this and the activation code, they have turned off the licensing server. This means I can no longer use a program that I use and have paid for.