Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tough Landing

I've just realized I haven't written an entry for over a week!

What with extra Cabinet responsibilities to keep me busy and the middle of the flying season, I'm finding myself a little short on time to do much more than send out the occasional 'Tweet' to the sidebar.

I was airborne on Sunday evening when three Spitfires and a Hurricane from the Battle of Britain flight left Manston to go, wherever they were going. One can always distinguish a Spitfire pilot in the air, even without the 'Spitfire' call sign because of the characteristic sound of the microphone in the face mask. It sounds as if he's breathing some kind of gas that changes his voice frequency. Anyway, hearing them lining-up on the runway at Manston, I positioned myself over Westgate to watch the fun and one after the other they rose, wheeled in a tight circle over the airport and then sped-off towards Dover and some rather nasty looking thunderstorms.

I've included a little video I made of a Spitfire some time ago for interest.

Derek, one of my contacts at Manston has just sent me a video of what can happen when you misjudge a landing in a Harrier operating in Afghanistan. With the RAF now down one of the aircraft as a consequence, I suspect the poor pilot will be filling paperwork for some time to come. It illustrates the point that flying can look easy but invariably it can be a great deal harder than it looks!

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Michael Child said...

Strewth Simon I have just watched the Harrier video, pretty decisive.