Monday, June 14, 2010

Extra Vigilance

We appear to have a teenage mugger robbing the elderly in Westgate. After a call from the police this morning, I'm asking readers to put the word around and recommend a little extra caution in protecting one's handbag until the thief is caught. I'm sure people share my own strong feelings on the matter.

On Friday 4th June at 9am and Wednesday 9th June at 10pm two elderly ladies were knocked down and had their bags stolen at Dent de Lion road and Station road respectively. The suspect is believed to be around sixteen years of age wearing a dark grey 'hoody.' At the first robbery he may have had an accomplice of about the same age, wearing a lighter hooded sweatshirt.

Clearly we all wish to avoid a third robbery in a similar style and so I would ask Westgate residents to keep their eyes open and report anything they might have seen on those dates on anything suspicious to the police or community wardens. You can always pass any information to me confidentially, if you prefer me to forward it on.

Residents may also have read the sad news of the closure of Westgate pavillion in the papers. As a Cabinet member I'm unable to comment here beyond saying that every effort is being made to attract a new lessee given the pavilion's importance, both as a busy community activity centre and iconic local building. The official Thanet District Council press release with my comments can be found here.

Difficult times as I'm sure you will agree!


Anonymous said...

george osborne?

Richard Eastcliff said...

Lurve the new look Dr M!

'In the papers'???? You read it on Thanet's Premier Blog first!