Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wild and Windy

The great British Bank Holiday weekend and its almost predictably wild and windy, leaving me feeling rather sorry for the Southend Airshow which would have been praying for a repeat of last Sunday.

I was supposed to be flying a banner over the Spitfire museum at Manston in advance of the small air display this afternoon but the conditions make it too tricky to operate, with the wind speed forecast to hit 30mph some time around noon. Tomorrow, it's the Ace Café. 'Margate Meltdown', motorcycle ride and so if the weather permits, I'll try again, with a banner for a new local business, . Otherwise I'll be on my old BMW to welcome the riders.

On the near empty beach, a little earlier, I spotted two young boys, with their heads protruding from 'foxholes' about ten feet apart. A thought popped into my mind on seeing this and I wondered over to admire their efforts and gently coax out of them what they were up to. In fact my suspicion was right. The two had the bright idea of digging two deep holes, roughly up to their shoulder heights and the older one had starting tunneling between the two. The idea, they proudly told me was to create a tunnel for the incoming tide. Quite relieved I had caught the one lad before he tunneled in any further, I gently explained how dangerous this was and that every year, one or two children die trying the same thing, when the tunnel collapses on top of the digger. Thankfully, they seemed to grasp the idea and when I left, they were skimming stones instead.

Watching Diane Abbot on the Andrew Marr show this morning, I was left with the curious thought that I would vote for her as leader of the Labour Party, which either says a great deal about Diane or rather less about the other leadership contenders, Ed Balls, the Millibands and the 'also-rans'! And I'm a Conservative which makes it even more bizarre! Perhaps she'll have Michael Portillo as her deputy if she wins? Now there's an even stranger idea!

I'm off to Manston and the Spitfire museum a little later to enjoy the show and hope to see you there!

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