Friday, May 07, 2010

Thanet Turns Blue

By day's end, I suspect everyone will be bored rigid with political comment on the results of the General Election and so beyond offering my congratulations to both Laura Sandy's for winning Thanet South for the Conservatives and Roger Gale, for retaining his Thanet North constituency, I plan to say very little on the subject.

I do wish to recognize however, the efforts of all those who made the results in Thanet possible for a Conservative win. Here in Westgate and Westbrook, the committee room in my home, opened a 7am and closed at 9pm and in between volunteers spent their day at the polling stations as 'tellers' or providing lifts to the elderly and disabled so that these could cast their votes. These volunteers in the community are the unsung heroes of any election process and I really would like to offer my thanks for what they achieved yesterday.

On a separate note, here in Westgate, KCC County Councillor, Robert Burgess, told me that he believes that he will be able to part-fund a weekend bus route in the Lymington and Linksfield road areas from his County Council grant and talks are now in progress with Eastonways bus service to move the plan from possibility to reality. You may recall that a few weeks ago there was a meeting held on the same subject and so good progress has been made in the background since then.

Before I go back to watching the results of the BBC's General Election coverage as we wait to see if Gordon Brown, some two million votes down on the Conservatives can be prised from his bunker at No10, I would also like to thank everyone who enquired yesterday, after the news of the Nigel Farage air crash, as to whether I was in one piece. Some readers may have heard an interview I gave on the BBC on the topic of flying aircraft banners and ironically, I turned down flying this particular election banner for UKIP. Justin the pilot from another company, is now recovering in hospital from his injuries as is UKIP's Nigel Farage and I wish them both a speedy recovery.


Peter Checksfield said...

I must admit that I've been impressed with Laura Sandys every time I've met her, & last night after her win was no exception. I certainly don't consider myself a Tory supporter (I'm old enough to remember Thatcher's Britain!), but if she does as good a job as her North Thanet colleague Roger Gale then it was a good day for Thanet.

Nice to see you yesterday Simon, & good to know you're OK!

Ken Gregory said...

It was Thatcher who made me leave the Conservatives, and then it was the 'Threat of Brown' that made me join the Conservatives again (along with a subtle local change in the labour philosophy). Thatcher is gone and we must judge our political representatives on today not yesterday

Anonymous said...

With regards to the Lymington Road bus route, it might be of interest to know that Cllr King placed a petition with one of the shops in Lymington Road asking for signatures to support a Sunday bus service.

A month later it was collected with not a single signature on it!

Peter Checksfield said...

Very good point Ken.