Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful

A new chapter in our history begins with the youngest Prime Minister in two hundred years. Meanwhile, Gordon Brown was in and out of the palace in almost the time it takes to 'drive thru' a MacDonalds and order a Big Mac meal for two. I doubt Her Majesty has forgiven the new labour project for what it's done to her kingdom, several foreign wars, £167 billion of public debt, record youth unemployment, the highest overall unemployment since 1994 (8% of the population) a National Health Service which boasts cancer cure statistics on a par with Bulgaria and the Government's credibility on helping those struggling the most blown apart; a bleak picture of worsening poverty in Britain which was growing steadily even before the recession took root. The number of people living in poverty had climbed to 11 million by March 2008, a rise of 300,000 since 2006.

So what Gordon Brown had to smile about I really don't know. Perhaps he had forgotten we are a nation at war, suffocated by the weight of bureaucracy and taxes that under Labour, has made us a riven,  socially divided, uncompetitive and failing economy, quite  unprepared to meet the growing challenge from  Asia. I'm beginning to sound like Nick Clegg!

Now comes the hard part. While the market may recover confidence with the arrival of a Conservative-Liberal coalition prepared to deal with the economic problems head-on, the pain will be shared by us all. We've become used to a State that is so generous that people from as far away as China and sub-Saharan Africa, are prepared to risk death every day to reach this Promised Land where everyone has rights but increasingly few have responsibilities in the sense that our grandparents would have understood.

A Conservative-led government will aim to take the necessary steps to put this nation back on its feet but the damage done over the last decade now runs so deep that even the most optimistic of observers may wonder how long the patient will take to recover from the initiative numbing consequences that are the legacy of Blair and Brown; the legion of parasitic, self-indulgent socialist bureaucrats and party activists that have done oh so well at our expense.

Meanwhile the first Cabinet posts to be announced are:

CHANCELLOR: George Osborne
HEALTH: Andrew Lansley


Anonymous said...

So they destroyed the unions,sold off everything that was state owned and paved the way for a united europe that is never going to work,oh,and stopped us all from earning a living wage,oh sorry that was the tories,regardless of the colour you vote for it is going to be a really crappy for the next ten years or so.

Call me Infidel said...

Dr. Moores just a small point but I believe the £167 billion "debt" you refer to is in fact the deficit. The debt is a substantially higher figure and growing year on year. I hope you are right about the Con-Lib coalition taking the necessary action, but I fear the Libs will not have the stomach for the pain that needs to be meted out.

Anon 9:42pm I agree with you re Europe but as for the rest you are misguided. Sixty years of welfarism has led to a country that no longer grasps the concept of paying your way. Britain has lived beyond its means and now has to pay the bill. That I fear means a lot of grief, but at the end of the day Mr. Micawber's observation was correct.

"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery."

DrM. said...

Thanks for the correction in regard to the 'deficit'

After 13 years of mismanagement, it's a bit late for some to blame the last Conservative government for Labour's record of achievement!

Tony Beachcomber said...


If things are so bad as you make out why is it that the Conservatives could only manage 36% of the popular vote.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Or indeed only 23% of the electorate, seeing as only 65% turned out.

DrM. said...

We are a debt-ridden overcrowded, welfare-oriented society with a failing economy. People quite rightly fear the steps required to set us back on our feet again.

The example here is Greece. Also socialist and welfare driven and quite incapable of accepting the top-heavy public sector oriented society was living way beyond its means!

Tony Beachcomber said...


The current Greek socialist goverment was elected in October 2009 defeating the equivalent to the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

"several foreign wars"
- actively campaigned against by which parties?
- actively supported by which party?

"record youth unemployment"
- are you sugesting that with the passion for cuts of the Conservatives, this will improve in the near future?

I remember the last time the Tories came charging in on a white horse to save the country. I would be scared if i was the son or daughter of an ex steel/mine/port/shipyard worker - wait, can you shut down call centres and tanning shops??

DrM. said...

When I left Thanet as a teenager, my first job was as a general dogsbody labourer at the Times Newspaper in Grays Inn Rd in 1975.

Within a couple of hours of arriving, the TGWU shop steward was on to me and sent me across London to join the Union, there being no non-union labour allowed at the newspaper.

Three men used to operate the printing machines. One would work, the other might be having a fag or reading a newspaper and the third might be off claiming benefit - they all claimed unemployment benefit from what I could tell and I was encouraged to do the same!!

I've got over the seventies and the utter mess our country was in then. I would encourage you to remember the positive side of the eighties; how Britain became proud again, how penniless lads from Thanet like me (I know a couple of others too) started successful businesses and what it meant not to have the unions striking every few weeks!

Britain at the time had to change or simply collapse as Andrew Marr pointed out in his BBC series recently. For some it was very harsh and unpleasant for others it gave them new prospects and new hope.

So do get over Mrs Thatcher in the same way I have got over Harold Wilson. Labour has had 13 years to prove itself and as usual has left us worse off in the style of Orwell's Animal Farm!

Anonymous said...

I for one will be dancing on the old bat's grave when she goes.

And you're clearly not over your jaundiced view of unions that was formed almost four decades ago.

Anonymous said...

I will dance on the graves of all the UNELECTED labour advisors who earned fortunes from my tax money, places in the house of lords and never did an honest days work in their lives.
951 probably thinks they're working-class heroes who care about people. Sad.