Monday, May 10, 2010

Laughing Tuesday

The political saga in Westminster drags on and I'm vaguely reminded of the film, 'Dr Strangelove.' A little earlier, the Sky News helicopter spotted Lord Mandleson digging what appeared to be a shallow pit in the grounds of No10 and one wonders when the tattered remains of the Labour Party will finally have the courage to rush the bunker and replace Gordon with one of their own. Meanwhile, Nick Clegg is clearly pushing David Cameron hard for important political concessions such as the compulsory wearing of baggy trousers on 'Laughing Tuesdays', while in Brussels, Alasdair Darling says a firm 'Non' to any suggestion that we in Britain might contribute to the bail-out Greece's rather large credit-card bill.

Here in Thanet, the political landscape will experience some changes of its own this week with the annual meeting of the council and the rearrangements of portfolios and special responsibilities that invariably accompanies it. By then of course, I rather hope we have a new Government in place or at least agreed in order to build some level of confidence back into the shaky markets.

Both Nigel Farage and his pilot, Justin, are now out of hospital, which is a relief. I was in touch with the latter at his home last night and he's battered, bruised and burned but thankful to be still breathing. Aviation is far safer than driving a car but accidents can and do happen and I'm personally very conscious of the probability statistics that weigh against pilots in the same way that they do against car-drivers and motorcyclists. Meanwhile, Aviva have asked if I can tow a banner for Norwich football club this week but I'm not entirely convinced by the weather forecast for the days ahead!

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Tony Beachcomber said...

Simon, I must admit I have been having a laugh myself. Lord Ashcroft has spent all that money and no power to show for it.Then there is all that effort by the Conservatives thinking they are going to win and only a hung goverment to show for it.
The Labour party has taken a battering by the media owners and is still standing, maybe licking a few wounds. But as soon as the dust has settled it is neatly poised for a comeback and is in a far better position than the conservatives were in 1997.