Monday, May 10, 2010

Flags of Convenience

With the political process in apparent meltdown this evening, I have to agree strongly with the following comment made by the Conservative, William Hague:

"It would be wrong to construct a government, which wouldn't be stable, which wouldn't have a prime minister elected by the people of this country and wouldn't be submitting a major constitutional change to a referendum of the country."

One can imagine that if Labour succeeded in reaching some kind of agreement with the LibDems, then suitcases full of money would leave this country towards the Celtic fringes, which would in turn hold the real balance of power! The predictable condition of their being part of any Labour and LibDem coalition to make-up the numbers, would be that the public sector cuts would fall most heavily on England rather than be shared across the United Kingdom or what remains left of it. Good reason enough for the creation of an English Parliament in the eyes of most observers and long overdue in the eyes of many.

On a different note altogether and a bit of a mystery! I hear from reports, that my fellow Westgate ward councillor, our hard-working and diligent Tom King, was a reluctant star of the BBC's election night coverage when he was filmed wearing a large red Labour rosette during the count at Wandsworth. Now, to be simply invited into the count, one has to be some way up the ladder of any local political organisation, as numbers are tightly restricted, so I guess the secret is out and being an independent councillor here in Thanet may simply be compared to a flag of convenience? With Westgate such a firmly traditional Conservative-leaning ward one can perhaps understand why.


Anonymous said...

Check Cllr Kings council voting record. If he only votes with Labour then his secret is out. Labour without the courage of his convictions!
Then he'd be like some of his Labour colleagues who haven't got the nerve to face the electorate with their true beliefs or (like Lord Mandleson) to face the ballot at all!

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon 9:57 pm ,Posting a comment attacking someone by name using anonymous is not really what I call having the courage of your convictions.

Ken Gregory said...

Tony, I will not do it anonymously, I too saw someone who looked like Tom King wearing a red rossette on the telly! I thought he was a closet lib dem, now i know he is!!!!

Anonymous said...

10.57 I'm not the one in an elected and paid PUBLIC office passing myself off as something I'm not.
If Cllr King is Labour then he should stand as Labour and let the voters decide.
That's what everyone else seeking an elected and paid public office has to do. It's not difficult.

Ken Gregory said...

I have it on good authority that Cllr King is planning to be the leader of the local 'independants' and so , in reality, an annex of labour, our very own local lab/indy pact

Anonymous said...

What really makes me cross is that I voted for Mr King as an Independent. I feel really betrayed and upset that this sort of thing is allowed to go on. Isn't there some sort of rule against this sort of thing?
In a shop if I bought a tin with soup on the label I would expect soup not red paint and there are laws to protect me from that. Why not from this kind of deceit too?

Mick Rooney said...

Tom king was at the Putney count supporting his son Stuart the Labour candidate. No father would do any thing else Nor would anyone expect anything else. Supporting your children does not mean agreeing with them!

DrM. said...

Tome left the following comment on Thanet Coast Life and it's only right that I should add it here:

I have reccived this posting from Cllr Tom King

"To clarify my appearance at Wandsworth town hall at the election count and my position as an independent member of Thanet council. Yes I was at Wandsworth town hall and I was wearing a red labour rosette, the reason being that I was there to support my son Stuart who was the unsuccessful labour candidate. I have followed my son's political career for 22 years -he joined HIS beloved labour party at the age of 17- and I remember with pride when he was first elected to Wandsworth council and later to be labour group leader. I have no doubt that should he have chosen to join the Conservatives or the Lib-Dems I would have still been there and wearing the appropriate colour rosette. For the record I am not a member of any political party especially the Labour party.Three years ago the people of Westgate gave me the honour and privilege to be their Independent member to Thanet district council. Along with their votes they also gave me their trust and that is something I would never abuse. I hope this clears things up."

Tom King
Independant Councillor for Westgate on Sea

DrM. said...

Now if Tom had actually said so much when he was asked about his presence at the count, rather than implying that it was 'A fair cop' by admitting he was there, the outraged 'usual suspects' would have very little to comment on!

Ironically, his defence is coming from the Labour side. I wonder how they might have reacted if he was wearing a LibDem rosette instead?

Oh well.. it's all clear now!