Monday, May 31, 2010

Ace Day Out

There must be two thousand or more motorcycles parked along Margate seafront and the old town for the Ace Café ‘Margate Meltdown’ ride today. I took my own ageing BMW 1150GS along to meet with Cllr Alasdair Bruce, the ‘Rock Doc’ but couldn’t find him in the press. He’s out there somewhere, as is, I suspect, Eastcliff Richard! I must confess I’m suffering from a level of two wheel envy, looking at some of the magnificent machines, lovingly polished and cared-for, now parked along Marine Parade. Professional photographer and 'biker', Barrie Smith, has some great photos here.

This is a great day out for the town and it’s a pity that the weather is playing the usual ‘Great British Bank Holiday’ game. I was supposed to be tugging a banner along the beach but the winds-speeds and the low cloud have put paid to that. I did ask if we could have a Eurofighter Typhoon fly by the harbour but Tim Clements, the pilot just called me to say that his tasking won’t allow it. There are two Eurofighters sitting at Manston for the Southend air show, so it was worth a try, pilot to pilot and it was very kind of him to let me know.

We’ve only a matter of weeks to go before our own annual ‘Big Event’ air show and positioning it towards the middle of June may make us a little luckier than Southend with the weather.


Michael Child said...

Simon I wasn’t able to get to this event, or I would have put up a few pictures in the normal way, if you took any is there any chance you could publish them to the web somewhere?

DrM. said...

For once I didn't take any! Try ECR I suppose?