Monday, April 19, 2010

Up Pompeii

I was five hours in the air today and not a sniff of any volcanic ash at the low altitude I was flying at. With luck, tomorrow will see the re-opening of the UK airspace but it's anyone's guess as to how long it will take to recover the thousands of stranded Britains from airports all over the world.

I heard earlier that an aircraft carrier was heading to Calais to pick people up from there. What are the odds I wonder that the French trades unions will immediately strike and blockade the port?

Michael Child has published a very interesting history of Westgate on Sea on this weblog - see sidebar - butyou can find a direct link to to the publication and its photos here.

Finishing on a political theme you might enjoy 'Gordon's Gangsters'.

Reportedly and I will add 'allegedly' simply to remain within the realm of fair comment, "The Labour Party have been exposed as associated with organised crime in Scotland dozens of times in the last few years."

I read the story but wasn't surprised, which is a little worrying in that I took it for granted without a second thought!

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