Friday, April 09, 2010

Turning Blue on Twitter

I hear that since my last post, Dr Ladyman has been re-discovered in Ramsgate today, quite possibly forsaking the Tardis for the more reliable high speed train service from London. That's the only problem with time travel; you can't be sure which General Election you might find yourself fighting when the door opens!

I've been out flying today, doing some aerial surveys and while I've been airborne, I read that 'Twitter' has been turning blue; not the political blue or even John Prescott's rants but once again, a Labour man going completely over-the-top in grossly insulting the opposition. Nothing new there you might say!

This time it's Stuart Maclennan, Labour's candidate for Moray. Ian Dale reports that "In a series of foul mouthed tweets he insults virtually every politician you've ever heard of and even has a go at his constituents." The Scottish Sun has the full story, but here's an extract...

In the foul-mouthed Twitter postings, he branded House of Commons speaker John Bercow a "t**", Tory chief David Cameron a "t***" and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg "a b******".

And he also posted an outburst about veteran Labour MP Diane Abbot, describing her as "a f****** idiot".

In one post the 24-year-old complained of being in a pub full of "depressed teuchters" then poked fun at elderly voters by branding them "bloody coffin dodgers".

Maclennan claimed: "Johnnie Walker Red Label is so awful they can't sell it in Scotland." MacLennan also hurled a volley of insults at Commons speaker Mr Bercow during his outbursts. One Tweet branded him "an opportunist little t***" and another claimed the Tory is "detested".

He also attacked the Lib Dem leader, saying Nick Clegg can "f*** right off if he things he's in the same league as Brown and Cameron".

Apparently the ranting MacLennan a policy researcher, a Shadow Scottish Cabinet adviser and head of Young Labour in Scotland, is carrying on in the finest tradition of Derek Draper and Damian McBride, Gordon Brown's Strategy Chief in Downing Street. It only serves to underline the urgent need for a political change, when the Party of Government seems so short of 'fine words' 'a few good men' and is so richly colourful in abuse and well endowed with distressed Parliamentarians and former Ministers for hire!


Richard Eastcliff said...

You forgot to mention that he's now been sacked Dr M. Still, don't let the f****** truth get in the p****** way of a t******* good Tory story, eh?!??!

DrM. said...

Thanks for the update ECR. Apparently what was a "mistake" has now become a little more serious and he's been sacked. However, that wasn't the first impulse looking at the news coverage over the day.

Call me Infidel said...

You neglected to mention he was only sacked after he resigned EKR. Once again the Labour spin machine is on overdrive. Seems there are quite a few unpleasant characters from North of the Border. The Purcell story could bear some closer scrutiny.

tony flaig bignews said...

I find a politician saying what they mean refreshing even if insulting seems to me that some politicians need to man up a bit ( in a non sexist sort of way)