Thursday, April 29, 2010

Low Level Run

I was somewhat bemused at the sight of two F15 fighters hurtling past the beach at low-level this morning at 8 am. I wonder if you saw them too.

Its two days since the 'Folded Wings' memorial ceremony at Westgate and so one might consider the flyby a little late! I send an email to Colonel Price, The US Air Force Attache and he replied that he didn't know anything about it but perhaps Lakenheath were making-up for missing Tuesday, with a flyby gesture, using the GPS coordinates I gave them for the original request.

Anyway, whichever way you look at it, the US servicemen who were remembered on Tuesday, had their F15 fly-past and Cllr Bruce called me from Cliftonville, to say they had flown past there too! So thank you United States Air Force for both supporting the ceremony so generously and also for sending two fighters along the seafront this morning!

If you've been watching the Liverpool Anfield match on Channel 5 this evening, you probably spotted one of our aircraft towing a Channel 5 banner, saying "Come on Liverpool." I've already had two calls this evening asking if I was flying it and the answer is no, I'm watching a bit of it on TV and then the great 'Leaders Debate' on BBC. I had a banner to fly over Reading today and the weather deteriorated so badly it was like flying through a car wash. Come Sunday, I've now go two more banners at Anfield to do, one being a marriage proposal and the second for the Liverpool Supporters Club; weather permitting of course and the forecast for the weekend is very poor indeed!

This time next week, it will almost be over and we'll know who will be our next Prime Minster. Prejudice aside, I suspect Labour may well end up in third place but still have the largest party at Westminster, thanks to the 'Clegg effect.' I really wonder if those people who think of voting Liberal Democrat really grasp, beyond the much repeated mantra of 'Fairness at the heart of everything we do' what the Liberal Democrats really stand for? At a time when so many people wish to distance themselves from Europe, the Liberal Democrats plan to surrender what little autonomy is left to us under the European constitution that none of us voted for and few of us want!

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