Sunday, April 25, 2010

It Must be True or Maybe Not

There's a huge amount of rubbish being written and spoken about the vexing issue of immigration during this election and I listened to Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, on BBC Politics today, claiming firstly that net immigration was falling and that secondly, someone is "removed by the Borders & Immigration Agency, from the UK every six minutes." While not conceding the exact number, he didn't deny that there were approximately, one million illegal immigrants in the UK.

In a second interview on BBC Radio 5 Live (at time 1.46mins) Harriet Harman, has Labour's election promises demolished around her and once again, doesn't deny that out of 1.78 million jobs created under the Labour Government, 81% have gone to people born abroad,. So much, said Stephen Nolan, the interviewer, for the hollow promise of "British jobs for British workers."

Now, if you do the maths and were more than generous, with weekends and holidays, you might arrive at the conclusion that in six months, every illegal immigrant in the UK, might have been returned home, at least twice; in fact it would take 11 years and by then, the hard-working  Algerian bag snatcher who has already been deported on four different occasions and reportedly accepted a £3,000 bribe to return home as well, might well be recognised as a regular Eurostar traveller by immigration staff at St Pancras . However, even with the finest efforts of Government Minister, Phil Woolas, yesterday's papers were reporting that Borders & Immigration Agency, were simply not turning up at immigration hearings and appeals, which conjures up the potential for a new useless statistics, "That every five minutes, an illegal immigrant is given leave to remain in the UK by the courts."

I wouldn't be surprised if the public simply threw up their hands in despair at such risible attempts to confuse then with useless statistics like these!

I recommend listening to the Harman interview. There's almost a temptation to feel sorry for her but after a little while it fades as she consistently avoids answering any questions or indeed, condemning the shamelessly fabricated 'scare' tactics that the party have been using against pensioners through the election leaflets the Party has been distributing.

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Call me Infidel said...

Well if someone is removed every six minutes that would be ten per hour. Which comes in at 87,600 per year. Now it would help if Postman Pat were to clarify what he means by "removed" In Calais immigration officers most days find ten or twenty would be illegals hiding in the backs of trucks. When they are handed back to the French police it is considered a "removal"

Even assuming the figure of 87,600 only represented UK overstayers and failed asylum seekers it would still mean 11 years to remove them.

Having worked for my sins in immigration I will tell you that hardly anyone is removed these days as the deadbeats charter aka the HRA prevents 90% of removals.