Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Britain’s Big Decision

The worst kept secret in our political history is now public and as we all guessed, the General Election will be on May 6th. As David Cameron said this morning, 'It's the most important political decision for a generation' and those of us who never voted for Gordon Brown in the first place, will now be able to decide whether we wish to keep him at 10 Downing Street, until he finals falls victim to the inevitable coup from the unreformed 'Blairites' who can't wait to see the back of him, together with a high proportion of the adult population.

Gordon Brown finished his speech outside N010 this morning by saying 'Let's get to it'... As Ian Dale points out:

"'Let's get to it' or was it 'Let's go to it'? - Line from 'Pat Garratt and Billy the Kid' when the fat loser knows he has to go out and be shot by the Kid. Hardly an auspicious start."

Of course, Gordon won't leave without a struggle and I'll be out and about in Westgate in the weeks ahead delivering leaflets and testing local opinion alongside Thanet North MP, Roger Gale and Cllr Brian Goodwin. As this happens during the day, I may not catch as many Westgate residents at home as I would like to or indeed knock at every door but in-between earning a living, I will get around as many homes as I can. Should any reader feel strongly enough about the potential election result to volunteer some of his or her time, delivering a few leaflets locally, please do send me an email, as every bit of help is welcome with so little time available before May 6th.

From what I've heard already I suspect that with Thanet South to lose, as a key marginal constituency, Labour will use every and any means to try and maintain its small majority. Last time around the UKIP vote was a decisive factor in handing Thanet South to Labour and its worth remembering that a vote for the smaller parties is essentially a vote for Gordon Brown and a further term in power for Labour.


Anonymous said...

All I can hope is that people dont stay on the fence or vote for useless parties just because they are fed up with the mainstream. Conservative policies in TDC regretfully STINK but only 90% of conservative individual emit the odour, a few are sweet. However, another term under Labour as a national party will destroy the country and make sure Thanet really becomes DosserDen by the sea.

Anonymous said...

As a voter in said constituency I wait with interest to see what the Conservative Policies and manifesto say before committing my vote ! They have done wonderfully well to date not to really say anything about that they will do and still be ahead in the polls but I rather suspect people will want some detail soon.