Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thanet Conservatives Elect a New Leader

At a meeting of the councillors of the Thanet Conservative Group on Wednesday evening, Councillor Bob Bayford of the Kingsgate ward was elected as the new leader of the Group.

Councillor Bayford, who is also a Kent County Councillor, will take the place of Councillor Sandy Ezekiel and will serve as 'Leader-elect' until the Annual General Meeting of the council in May.

Councillor Bayford commented:

"I would like to thank Councillor Ezekiel for eleven years of devoted and single-minded service to the people of Thanet. These are difficult times for local government and while I plan to continue the good work of my predecessor, I recognize that with the economic events of the last twelve months behind us and a General Election ahead of us, a new perspective is needed.

Thanet faces unique challenges but it also offers equally unique opportunities, through its coastline, tourism, green energy, its airport, harbours and much more. I have a number of new ideas which I hope will contribute to making Thanet a better place for us all."

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