Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tackling the Challenge of Immigration

Today, Gordon Brown, revealed the immigration policy of any Labour government going forward from the General Election but on Monday, the BBC's Newsnight programme, visited Margate and it seems that however hard government might try articulate its plans and policies, ordinary people still appear to hold strong views of their own on the subject.

Total Politics reports: "Most politicians approach the issue of immigration reluctantly. They would rather not discuss it at all. Has there been a more influential interruption into political debate than Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood tirade in 1968? It still lingers over any discussion of how many people we should allow to settle in the UK from beyond our borders."

It was raised today but it was a cautious way to start any debate. The Conservatives have attacked Gordon Brown for failing to come up with anything new. The fact is, I can't think about any aspect of the immigration discussion that is new. It just continues, occasionally addressed, sometimes prominent, and often not. There was no definitive shift today.

You can watch the programme on the BBCiPlayer, here. The second episode is here.

Did anyone spot the aircraft banner I wonder?

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Call me Infidel said...

I think all three main parties are reluctant to broach the topic having been beaten for years with the usual lefty response of "racist" whenever the subject of immigration is raised. The problem now is that they can no longer sweep the issue under the carpet.

In the past when people voiced concerns it was in places like Dewsbury or Oldham where people felt uneasy about the changes happening around them. It was simple for the left to dismiss this as irrelevant since it would be unlikely to cost them many votes. Indeed we have seen from the Neather issue tht Labour have effectively gerrymandered the vote in many inner city constituencies. New immigrants invariably tend to vote for socialists.

The problem now is that the "benefits" of immigration are starting to make themselves known to a much wider group of people. When you struggle to get a Doctor's appointment or when you see families of East European Roma being given council housing people don't understand that.

Unfortunately having just watched the execrable Phil Woolas on Newsnight as well as both Lib Dem and Tory spokesmen it seems they still "don't get it." Though actually I am sure they do, but no one wants to be labelled as a racist. The upshot of this is more and more people will vote for parties that will address their concerns.