Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Future Free For All

Having watched Tony Blair's characteristically, 'slick' performance on the news performance, I'm quite interested to hear the opinions of others.

I was particularly fascinated by his reference to the success of a Labour government in tackling crime and banning handguns, on the same day that I read that a peer of the realm had his car stolen by a gang at gunpoint in Battersea. Let's be clear for one moment about handguns. Since Dunblane, the legal ownership of handguns has been banned but illegal ownership has exploded, particularly given the availability of cheap weapons smuggled-in from Eastern Europe. Has he forgotten the murder of Liverpool schoolboy, Rhys Jones already?

Anyhow, I digress and Mr. Blair's speech for all its entertainment value in bolstering the faded and rather shabby image of our present Labour government – Remember vote for Blair and Get Brown? - remains in firmly denial over the manifest social problems that a decade of Labour government has delivered in tandem with its successes. As an example, today, I also read: "A 22-year-old woman was stunned to find that a Romanian immigrant had been living in her shed for more than a month."

I'm certain that a little later today, you will be able to read the deconstruction of Tony Blair or at least his speech today; nice suit and tan but have the British public really forgiven and forgotten a series of expensive and disastrous foreign wars, uncontrolled immigration, the Kelly inquiry, the politicization of the police and the civil service and the appearance of a paranoid surveillance society and which I warned, in a speech in 2000, was steadily dismantling all the freedoms and privileges given to the British people since the time of Magna Carta?

For Tony Blair and the Government this speech could go one of two ways. Either it's viewed as a success and we'll see more of him blessing his succession and a new, New Labour vision under the 'elected' premiership of Gordon Brown or if not, he'll announce he has more pressing business elsewhere, in the Middle East or his new banking or faith foundation interests or his house in Miami.

Either way, the Sun's out and following-on from Tony's fit, trim and tanned political look, clearly copied from the US Senate, I'm off for a run with the dog and promise not to touch any deep-fried Mars bars in the run-up to the General Election on 6th May.


DrM. said...

Ive published Rick's comments but without all the familiar IRA stuff, which doesn't really have a place here, however strongly he may feel about it:

Quite right Rick.. your comment on "influence without consequence" sounds much better than my own quote. Wish I had thought of it first!

Rick writes:

"By the way I see you mention being credited with "Power without responsibility". My comment to you originally was "Influence without consequence" re anon bloggers. Like anonymous reporting lines .. rights to know your accuser seem to have been burned along with Magna Carta. I rather thought since Google is under US Law and knowing one's accuser is a constitutional right there that you would have forced out the identity of ECR into public domain when you complained to Google.

Call me Infidel said...

Tango man doing his best to see that Labour are re-elected. I was amused by Chris Huhne's point on Newsnight. Though he struggled to be heard against the buffoon Prescott. Essentially he was stating that if Labour lose, Blair will lose his inside contacts. The people throwing money at him will be somewhat reluctant to shower him with cash in the future. If he doesn't have friends in high places he will not be quite so useful so therefore it is essential he does what he can to see them back in No10.

btw Maybe I am too cynical but Brown's reluctance in part to call a date for the election I fear may have something to do with the parlous state of Labour's war chest.
If he announces a date I believe at that point the BBC and ITV et al have to give equal air time to the opposition. All the time he can postpone it he is able to get freebies from the likes of Blair. Once the campaign is underway such drivel would not be allowed to be shown.