Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Look for 2010

Readers will have noticed that I have finally updated my 'Blog' and thanks to Michael Child for his advice this morning.

As I explained in another post, I had been reluctant to change the template for fear of losing all the useful local links along the sidebar and the time involved in re-typing them again. Anyway, I'll be tidying-up the look and feel over the coming week and I hope you find it both easier to find and easier to use as a consequence.

Now I have the later Blogger format, the 'blogroll' engines might even find me and you never know, very soon, I'll be out there claiming to be the millionth most popular political blog in Britain. I can't wait!

A long day ahead I fear, with meetings at the council offices in Margate and a full council on the annual budget and Cliftonville, which is bound to go on until late. I wonder if we should consider a bulk arrangement with Domino's Pizza for those working councillors, a large number, I suspect, who have no chance to grab an evening meal before arriving at the chamber! After a while the personal supply of boiled sweets soon runs out!


Richard Eastcliff said...

Nice one Doc! Welcome to the 21st Century!

Peter Checksfield said...

This is much better Simon! : )

Michael Child said...

Hot dawg Simon, the youf of today say it looks cool and you can now play pinch and a punch.

Anonymous said...

Like the picture at the top - who's the bird wearing the metal brassiere?

Bertie Biggles said...

Looks good Simon and thanks for keeping your useful links on.