Sunday, January 10, 2010


The threatened snowfall appears to have passed us by and curled across East Anglia instead. It's a relief to see the roads and pavements clear of ice. Off towards Herne Bay there's still wet snow in the fields but the warmer microclimate that we enjoy here in Thanet, on a line roughly defined by the old Wantsum Channel is a blessing for all those people who have been stuck in their homes and the struggling wildlife. The RSPB have warned that this harsh cold spell could prove the greatest catastrophe for birds since the winter of 1963 and so if you have a garden, apparently even crumbled old mince pies are better than nothing said the lady on television.

This afternoon, walking the dogs on the beach, I noticed there had been a mass die-off of crabs of different species. I gave 'Rock Doc' Alasdair Bruce a call and he told me that the high tides and unusually cold sea temperatures are the cause. Apparently, it's enough to collect stunned Lobsters from the rock pools around Foreness Point "But don't put them in your pocket", he warned "or you'll have a nasty surprise as they warm up!"

From the look of it, business and life in general, west of the St Nicholas roundabout, remains disrupted. I've a meeting in London to attend and others in Maidstone and in Canterbury and I'm not altogether certain that even if I get to Victoria station, South-eastern trains will be able to get me home again if more snow falls. My experience of last week was that the economy had gone into suspended animation, in that I found it nigh impossible to find anyone at work that I wanted to. Here in Thanet, the council workforce did a great job of struggling in but I suspect that a great many people who commute to jobs in London simply gave up and stayed home as the nation's transport infrastructure collapsed under the weight of snow.

A quick reminder to Westgate residents that the next public PACT meeting will take place at the St John's ambulance hall in Cuthbert Rd on the 19th of the month at 7pm. It's your chance to raise questions or concerns with your local police and community officers. I hope to be there as well along with your other local councillors.


potatoehead64 said...

just noticed its snowing again outside. Seems the forecasts are all over the place.

Mr Friday said...

I decided to give the icy pavements a miss when out running today and went all along the beach round North Foreland/Kingsgate at low tide and couldn't believe the number of dead crabs and lobsters which had been washed up. It does make you realise how beautiful this part of the country is when viewed from an alternative angle. Lots of people walking dogs looking at me as if I was mad.

Jessica Billington said...

I can't comment on Westgate as I haven't been there in the last few days but Broadstairs is still affected by icy pavements and side roads covered with frozen slush.

I visited an elderly lady this morning who hasn't been over her doorstep for a week and certainly won't want to until she is sure she can walk without fear of slipping on the footpath.

The main roads are ok due to the volume of traffic but I'm unsure how much if any gritting took place here over the last week. I've seen a gritting lorry go by but it was en route to elsewhere and wasn't gritting here.