Friday, January 08, 2010

Not So Snow Free

In contrast with other parts of the country, Thanet appears to have escaped relatively lightly in terms of overall snowfall. The sea on both sides of us has the added benefit of raising the temperature slightly, which is why we are frequently snow-free, when only a matter of miles away towards Whitstable and Canterbury, the snow starts to build. Yesterday afternoon, I walked back from Margate along the beach, the only place I could find a sure footing and the cold, on the exposed sand at Westbrook, from the strong wind was quite intense.

The forecast for this coming weekend into Monday, very much looks as even our position and surrounding sea temperature isn't going to protect us from the heavy snowfall rolling towards us from Belgium and the plummeting temperatures in the easterly wind chill. As we have so many elderly and retired people in Thanet who are most at risk from the present conditions, whether it be icy pavements or simply the bitter cold, I would urge everyone to keep a watchful eye on any vulnerable neighbours. If you do come across any circumstances that deserve my attention or intervention as a Westgate councillor, please do let me know.


tony flaig bignews said...

Whilst your worrying about all this weather maybe you and your colleagues could address Thanet's winter of discontent whereby due to your incompetent conservative administration "vulnerable" taxpayers like me will not now have their bins till god knows when.

DrM. said...

That's a pretty harsh allegation Tony. Would you call me incompetent then?

Rubbish collection isn't a political football and you would be hard-pressed to find a more conscientious councillor than Shirley Tomlinson in overseeing the department.

If you have a collection problem, call the council number 577000 and I'm sure efforts will be made to resolve it. Alternatively contact your own local councillor.

Given the weather and the Xmas holiday period everyone is doing their best to meet the demands of the public.

Mr Friday said...

It isn't good though really. My wheelie bin is out the front of my house where it will stay for another week before being collected. In that bin is still the remnants of my Christmas dinner and my youngest child's dirty nappies from Christmas Eve. It is disgusting. I can understand the problems with the weather this week but cannot understand why collections were not arranged between Christmas and New Year.

I did read that the binmen "deserve to send time with their families". Perhaps so. However, so do Doctors and Nurses who also worked right over the Christmas break. Binmen provide an essential front-line service and should have been doing this where they were able.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I live in central Margate and our road was overflowing with black bins not collected for weeks so i rang TDC on thursday and complained and by friday am they had all been cillected.

Anonymous said...

The bins are only one of the problems, when are this council going to get of their arse's and get working. Only this morning myself and a couple of chaps got off ours and cleared two inches of ice from the foot paths on Abbots Hill and the road had been very kindly gritted by mr milky earlier this morning. Don't really see TDC doing anything, cant see it getting better come this summer and quiet frankly I'm afraid to say I am almost able to ignore the piles of rubbish left in the streets every week. Lets hope come the election they have worked out how we are going to get rid of all the flyers being stuffed through our doors asking for our support. Please TDC stop B******tting us and do something other than line your buddies pockets.

DrM. said...

If the person who made the last anonymous contribution - which I have not published - cares to try again but a little more politely and rationally, then I would be happy to post his thoughts.

I should add that TDC officers and councillors are not corrupt and that the workforce does not exist in sufficient numbers to clear every street in Thanet (my own included) of snow.

In fact streets come under KCC but you may accuse me of splitting hairs.

What I've hear over the last week of the big freeze from news reports is the common refrain, "The council should do this" or " the council should do that"

In return I would ask, who pays and with what resources? We can't, as one person suggested earlier today, have the unemployed shovelling our streets and there's a £178 billion government deficit that needs to be dealt with this year.

The council does what it can and delivers literally hundreds of services. Councillors, like me, sit between the public and council in trying to ensure those same services are delivered as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. Local government is a huge and often unwieldy machine, weighed down by regulations and employment law and some parts are better oiled than others.

Given the catastrophic state of the nations public finances, all of us will look back at the last decade with a sense of nostalgia, given the austerity yet to come!

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I sympathise with the Binmen, but will we get a discounted C-Tax bill to compensate?
I don't think so.
We have not seen a collection since the week before Christmas, 4 weeks now, so added up thats around £30, I believe.
So, we just paid £30 for nothing!

Anonymous said...

why not go to cllr moores he seems to be running thanet single handed his name pops up nearley everywere perhaps he is trying to be the top dog at thanet .his name pops up every time there is a problem not only in his ward but others to the thought of superman come to light or is he the onlt councillor whom works at tdc
i think not

DrM. said...

Councillor, I would rather not embarrass you by publishing a direct reply, as your recognisable ISP is so conveniently linked to this comment. May I politely suggest that if you wish to be recognised more for your efforts then you are quite free to either make yourself a little more visible in your own ward or indeed start your own weblog rather than complain about mine?