Thursday, January 07, 2010

Frozen Fish

It's a bit quiet out there this morning. The road in from Birchington is almost empty, on account of both the A28 and the Thanet Way being closed by accidents, effectively cutting-off the island from the outside world until cleared. We appear to have escaped the worst of the snow as usual, having warmer sea temperatures on both sides and the further west you go, I hear the worse it is.

I'm trying to get to a meeting at the council offices in Margate today so rather than risk the icy roads; I plan to walk along the seafront, as it's a pleasant if rather brisk day. Neither one of my small dogs is prepared to volunteer for arctic sled work and earlier, the older one arbitrarily decide to turn around and head for home after experiencing the bitter wind chill on the beach at 8am.

Yesterday was one more exciting day in politics with what appears to have been a failed attempt by Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, to unseat Gordon Brown from his 'Scotsman –like' grip on the premiership. By the end of the day, even young Milliband had issued a statement of support for Gordon, hammering a nail firmly in the coffin of the dynamic duo. Labour, it appears, are still convinced that the country loves Gordon and that he's the man to lead them to victory in the forthcoming election. I wonder how many readers out there would be prepared at this time to risk a fiver at the bookies, betting on a Labour election victory? I rather doubt that taxes and VAT will be going-up until after any change of government though and reportedly, the Labour Party much like the nation, will be bankrupt before that date, as political donations appear to have dried-up outside the big £million size cheques written by plutocratic loyalists like of Lord Sainsbury.

Finally, giving new meaning to the expression, 'Fiscal Prudence', the good news that the Icelandic government has agreed to repay its £billion pound banking liability in fish; setting a new gold-standard in equivalent weight of frozen Cod. The Bank of England, private investors and a number of County Councils have welcomed the gesture of goodwill and reportedly deliveries of the new currency will soon be appearing in specially prepared frozen vaults in banks around the country. With the pound now heading towards parity with the Euro, Chancellor Alasdair Darling is expected to announce Britain's own currency commitment to the new Cod-standard, on account of his predecessor having sold –off most of the country's gold at a rock-bottom price when Labour first came to power.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

People do not want to get rid of one of Britain's greatest Prime Minister's since Churcill!

Shinguard said...

I might have taken the leadership challenge seriously until I realised it emanated from Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, a pair of more self serving, washed up, bitter individuals would be hard to find in the House of Commons,...hey,only joking.

Mr Friday said...

I don't know about you but I was amazed at the number of schools closed today due to the weather. As you say, Thanet got off fairly lightly today although driving towards Canterbury early this morning was pretty hairy in places.

I spoke to a work colleague who also happens to be a school governor and his explanation of why his (and other) schools close left me literally dumbstruck. Schools apparently have targets imposed by Government to minimise unauthorised absences. If they left the school open but 20% of kids didn't turn up then this would make their performance indicator look bad so they simply decide to shut down the whole school so the absences then "don't count".

More mindless target-setting from our Labour friends with no thought whatsoever on the impact of working parents who have to come to work on days like this only to have a call saying the school is closing and they have to turn around and pick their kids up again. Oh well, at least they can turn around and say at some point that they have improved attendance rates even though it is all smoke mirrors and another word I can't say on here.......

Tony Beachcomber said...


On the subject of gold, what are Britain's current gold reserves ?

Anonymous said...

we are talking about Thanet. Working parents??

Strapping 6' year eleven lad kept home today by mother as it was not safe for him to walk 200 yards to school!!

In Westgate, both the King Ethelberts and Ursuline were shut ( Ursuline from lunchtime) despite both schools being on the salted and totally clear main road!

I walked to work today. And my son, for the first time made his own way to work on foot. Something to do with commitment!!

We have become a pathetic country that I am ashamed of.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it has to be said. Simon, your comments on repayment in fish is the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

A bit like the wonderful Hitchhikers guide. So long and thanks for all the fish, as the ruling race departed the earth!

Well observed, thanks. COTN

DrM. said...

Thank you 12:34 I wasn't trying to be funny, almost deadly serious!

Tony, I'm sure we have had this conversation before and its in the archives for about June last year.

I can't honestly recall what the reserves are or were beyond a metric tonne of Cod and a couple of fish fingers donated by the IMF..

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find one of the main reasons schools close is that the staff who in many cases aren't local, can't get in from their home areas. I worked at a Ramsgate school some years ago and walked four miles to get there wearing hiking boots to find the school closed.

At the time all the senior staff lived in Canterbury and beyond and either couldn't or wouldn't drive in. The Head didn't want if the school opened to be left trying to house hundreds of pupils overnight.

Back in a bad winter in the 1970s St. George's School in Broadstairs had to keep hundreds of pupils in school overnight when the school buses didn't run as many of their pupils live in the rural villages.

If the buses aren't running it's very difficult for pupils to get to school as we have so much cross-Thanet school-commuting. If more went to local schools (I'm not referring to primaries here) then most could walk.

Anonymous said...

Gordon wisely sold the gold at $270 an ounce even though its currently over $1100 an ounce losing us close to £5bn" Maybe thats why people feel strongly about it? Learn about the £200bn off the books deferred PFI payments too!

Anonymous said...

Well one of my suppliers today insisted on payment by COD.

I said "You've been reading Simon Moores blog haven't you ? If we all pay COD where would that lead us ?"

He replied "Out of trade credit, cash flow and debt problems mate. Simon knows his stuff."