Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It's a bit of a winter wonderland picture out there in the bright sunshine this afternoon.

With Rochester airport closed with the snow, I ran across to Lydd to take on fuel at lunchtime and the line of the snow appears to follow the main road from Canterbury to Dover with everywhere to the east, more or less clear and the covering thickening to the west and Ashford. Lydd, which has a hard runway is completely clear of the stuff but on the higher ground you can see where the roads are still under what must now be tough white ice.

Operation Stack is off towards Maidstone and there's no sign of any Eurostar activity as you might guess. Canterbury appeared quite busy with late shopping and I regret not taking a camera to capture the scene of Kent at its prettiest.

Other than one other light aircraft I saw depart at Lydd, it's pretty quiet in the air too. With these low temperatures and relatively high humidity, there's a risk of icing, both in the carburetor and on the airframe, which have to be monitored carefully and so not many pilots are up and about.

I've had to place my motorcycle battery on charge as last night effectively drained it, even though I have been starting it every day. It's something to do with the current drain from the alarm in cold weather, even on standby and no maintenance has ever been able to fix it, other than shrugging and me being told it's a BMW problem. Tonight, with clear skies, I expect to be even colder than last night and so if your own car or motorcycle battery is older than a couple of years, you may want to keep an eye on it.

For those readers who might want to keep a good eye on any weather coming our way, I recommend Meteox for a decent radar picture and projection of where the nasty stuff is.

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The Refuser said...

I recommend a battery tender like this if you can still find them on Ebay it is money well spent. Just leave it hooked up all the time and make sre you remember to unlug it when you use the bike!