Friday, December 04, 2009

Splitting Hairs

I didn't get back in from Heathrow and Madrid until close to Midnight yesterday and so hadn't been able to keep up with the Dane Valley by-election progress. However, I now understand from a number of sources that Labour's Sandra Hart was the winner and may I be among the first to welcome her as a councillor and congratulate her on her victory.

I do notice that Labour's own 'Lord Lucan of Northwood' is challenging the absence of any mention of my being a Conservative councillor on the weblog. I'm sure it's passed him by, following the earlier David Green debacle, that by blogging under one's elected title, one is immediately exposed to the public standards code in a way that a personal weblog, like this one, is not.

Now if you happen to be the kind of blogging councillor who has little or no regard for such public standards of behaviour and related guidelines then the high cost to local government in dealing with complaints under the code; such splitting of hairs, may appear quite irrelevant but in practical terms, it's a sensible measure.

More later, as I've some catching-up to do today.


Michael Child said...

One hell of a swing from the Conservatives Simon, it’s a bit far from my patch but it seems to reflect what my customers in the bookshop are saying, not so much disaffection with the Conservative party nationally, but considerable disaffection with the current local administration.

A lot of this seems to be coming from local Conservatives, something along the lines of we voted Conservative in the local elections but the present administration doesn’t appear to operating with the Conservative ideals we expected.

I suppose it is a bit difficult for you to comment on this one, as you are part of the present administration, but any thoughts you have would be interesting, particularly as if only a fraction of this swing occurs in the next locals you would lose your seat.

I am wondering if the cabinet will see this as a wake up call, or if they will just ignore it, perhaps I have something wrong here and it isn’t the decisive message it looks like, any thoughts on that?

Ken Gregory said...

Michael, I am easy with the result from a local stance, but the real point of concern is the overall turnout. It seems to me that the writing is on the wall for all of our district councils and for Kcc. What we are looking at is unitary and regional organisations, resulting in less local accountability. Maybe it would be better to have councillors spending time in Bermuda or the Med than living full time in Reading?

Anonymous said...

i think this will be a lesson for the council now as many seats are on the thin line but i think this will happen as it does every ten years or so ,but i think if labour shoud get in god help thanet ,thant will get i
the same mess as the county is and in go straght in to the red i mean just look at who is leading the labour party in thanet that speaks for its self i think
so overall i think the tories will hold thanet in 2011with even more seats in thanet