Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Jolly Affair

Where was I? Between Friday and today I've been nursing a cold, the usual consequence of air travel today. Terminal 3 at Heathrow always seems to be the worst place to catch a virus of any kind and I suppose I should be grateful it wasn't H5N1. I'm sure that many readers can also map their trips by what they've bought home with them and flights to and from the Middle-East and the Indian subcontinent always seem to conjure up the more exotic illnesses, somewhat reminiscent of 'The Curse of the Claw', an 80's Ripping Yarns production with Michael Palin, which I've embedded for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Westgate's Christmas Lights was a jolly affair yesterday, marred only by the rain starting ten minutes before the illuminations were turned on. I don't think the Reindeer noticed but the covered pavement outside the shops in Station Rd provided welcome shelter for those of us without hats or umbrellas. Santa, I noticed, was doing a roaring trade at the Mad Potter, with a queue of small children reaching out into the road and as always, Angelo was lending vigorous support with pizzas, roasted chestnuts and other goodies outside his delicatessen. Children from St Saviours' entertained us by playing Christmas carols on their musical instruments and even the young Romanian selling the Big Issue outside Somerfield, was dressed as Father Christmas; a nice touch I thought.

As always and as one of the three Westgate councillors, I would like to thank everyone involved in making it such a success and for their hard work behind the scenes. In particular I would like to thank Darren Ellis and the Margate Charter Trustees, Mick Tomlinson and Cllrs Goodwin and King for ensuring the money could be found for the event this year and all the traders, children and entertainers that supported it with their own donations and acts.

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