Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quick Drying

Westwood Cross was busy this afternoon and there's more than a month to go until Christmas. Given that so many people appear on the blogs to believe the shopping centre was a bad idea, a great many more residents of Thanet are visibly voting with their feet or more to the point, their cars.

On the way towards home, I noticed that the Hornby factory was open and I dropped in for the first time, like the BBC's James May, wallowing in nostalgia, looking at Corgi models, Airfix kits and Scalextric cars. It was like a door to the past opening as I explained to my fourteen year old daughter that I used to spend hours gluing and painting model aircraft, suspend them from my ceiling on cotton and then one day, shoot them down with darts from my Gat air pistol. Didn't everyone?

Somewhere between the light bulbs and bathroom sealants aisles at B&Q, I bumped into the Chair of Scrutiny, Cllr Bob Bayford. We had a brief chat about the forthcoming by-election at Dane Valley and then I sauntered-off in my quest for quick drying cement; the very stuff of politics some might say!

I decided to finish the afternoon by taking the puppy for a walk and was ambushed on the way to the beach by the same dogs as before. Being a councillor I protested politely and was promptly told to F*** Off. A friendly local greeting that many readers may not be familiar with!



Mr Friday said...

Westwood Cross is a strange one. It always looks packed and there are always lots of people milling around but people I know who work in some of the shops there report that takings certainly aren't what they should be.

Certainly to have the shops, cinema and restaurants in the same location is a good thing. The traffic links are pretty dire but I won't go into that again.

Lots of window shopping but not much buying perhaps ?

Peter Checksfield said...

I wonder how many people who complain about Westwood Chaos actually support their local town centres? I certainly do, & although there's not much where I live in Westbrook anymore except takeaways I usually do my weekly shopping in Birchington or sometimes in Westgate or Margate. Having said this, about once or twice per month I'm forced to cycle (as I don't drive) to WC simply because I can't buy what I need elsewhere, & sunday was one of those days (I needed decent quality blank DVD discs which are almost impossible to buy at anytime in North Thanet & impossible on a sunday!).

Anonymous said...

I only venture out in the mornings when i meet up with friendly dogs as i am too scared in the afternoons to know what dogs are about,and from what you say I am sadly right.What should be enjoyable walks on our lovely beaches is ruined by these savage dogs.Is there nothing anyone can do to make them muzzle them and keep them on their leads?

Anonymous said...

If the dogs are around at the same time in the afternoon,perhaphs you would inform the dog warden to have a word,he seems to be around most mornings in westgate,but not afternoons.