Monday, November 23, 2009

Outside Broadcast

I decided to walk to Margate this afternoon for the exercise, all the way up to the council offices for a meeting on the web-casting project, set for its first pilot outing at next month's full council meeting.

During my walk, I devised a new measure of time and distance, call a 'PB'. This, as you may have gathered from the acronymn, is calculated in passing 'Pit Bulls' and so while it took five Pit Bulls to get as far as Cecil Square from Westgate, it was much quicker on the bus on the return leg, avoiding the rain and as you might expect, this only took two 'Pit Bulls'.

I'm interested to know if any other readers are able to measure their walks in the same way, in Ramsgate perhaps? It might also give us a broader idea of how many Pit Bull Terriers are out there and whether one could use them and this method to work out latitude as well!

Back in the real world I wonder if webcasting our local council meetings might knock X-Factor off the top slot. If you never saw The New Statesman series from the 1980's, then enjoy!


Michael Child said...

Simon I can only say these are my recent walks in Ramsgate

well you are getting the idea

Anonymous said...

My friend and I walked down ramsgate high street and we could'nt believe how many of these awful dogs there were(many off leads)we felt very threatened and went home.I also avoid margate high street when walking my little dog,because of the same problem there.What a dreadful state of affairs...

Michael Child said...

Sorry about that last comment half of it failed to appear, with comment moderation and even the ability to comment here vanishing at random it is difficult to know why.

My point was that the people with these sort of dogs seem to pretty much all live in the town centres and very few of them ever seem to be about early in the morning when I mostly walk about.

One seldom encounters them far away from the towns main seafront and shopping centre areas.