Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Local Interest Only

Some small items of Westgate news for local readers.

This evening, I spoke with Cllr Shirley Tomlinson, who holds the beach huts in her portfolio and she tells me that we are waiting on a response from the insurers in regards to the burned-down beach huts in St Mildred's Bay. Hopefully, it won't be too long before the charred and unsightly gap is filled with replacements.

We have a new 'beat' Police Constable in Westgate, Lennie Atkins and I would like to welcome him on behalf of the community. I've pointed out some of the more immediate areas of concern and I'm equally delighted, that following the operational decision to re-allocate Chris Bungard in the summer, we once again have a regular police presence.

The next public PACT meeting (Pole & Community Action) will be at St John's ambulance hall in Cuthbert Road on 19th January at 7pm for anyone who wishes to discuss any concerns they may have on crime and anti-social behaviour with councillors and the Police and community wardens

Kent County Council Highways Department called me yesterday to tell me that they have placed my request to place drop kerbs on the entrance to the Roman Catholic church of Our Lady & St Peter on their works list. How long this may take I can't say but at present, parishioners with 'buggies' are being forced into the Canterbury road as they can't negotiate the pavement kerb on leaving the church and I believe that in the interest of safety and disabled access, that a remedy is required.

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

Ref the beach huts, I would expect TDC to have a large deductable on its insurance policy, another £2k to add to the black hole that the officers call a budget. perhaps they could flog of some of those fancy merc vehicles that they use as tea wagons.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the new PC will last longer than the one that replaced Chris. Having introduced himself as Chris's replacement, he disappeared!

Glad to see that you are advertising the next PACT meeting; I believe that Tuesday night was just the committee plus Mr Patel, and that it was discussed then that it ought to be better advertised so that the public could attend.

Yes I am also well informed! But on a serious note; could the meeting not be advertised in local shops where people might see it? If they have concerns then they will be able to attend. And if they do not, then at least you and the Police can at least say that they had their chance.

I have been forthright in my comments about you; but in view of your reaction to some of my comments, you may just start to see me as someone kicking your conscience. And that may make you a Tory Councillor that can be trusted!

As someone with a long memory and very good local knowledge; there are very good reasons to be deeply suspicious about so called members of your Council party!

We shall see!

C O T N!

Anonymous said...

i find it very strange that the people whom write on your web site are so narrow mindedand don,t know what they are talking about,it was labour that gor thanet in the mess it is in mnow and the tories have to get them out and people who can not see passed the end of there nose moan about everything and everything and not do anything people are so sad ,is that why thanet was run down for ten years by labour makes you think a bit i am sure
you only have to look at the state of the county and perhaps you will see who is to blame not the tories we only pick up the mess left behind

DrM. said...

Jolly good.. I'll look forward to the on-going contribution that you will be making to helping me improve teh quality of lie in this community where I am able

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