Saturday, November 07, 2009

In Parade

I'm joining MP, Roger Gale for his regular surgery at Westgate library today and looking at the appointments, it looks to be a busy one, through to 1'O'clock and broadly reflective of the troubled circumstances that the country now finds itself in.

At the council's cabinet meeting on Thursday, the jaw-dropping size of our share of the bill for our 'Boom and Bust' economy became clear, with the publication of the budget and medium term financial strategy report, which the local paper reports as being close to £6 million over the next five years. People often forget that approximately 60% of the council's funding of the net revenue budget, (the costs of providing core council services), comes from central Government and with the lights now being switched-off at the Treasury and money being frantically printed across the road at The Bank of England, councils across the land will soon feel the harsh consequences of what is now £200 billion of public debt.

Normally, the Labour group promptly sends out a press release after Cabinet meetings in an effort to convince anyone who might bother to read it that they weren't asleep after all. This time they appear strangely silent, although we did hear, with regular interruptions through the evening, Councillor Iris Johnston, bobbing up and down and forcefully reminding us of the manifest wonders and unappreciated benefits of a Labour Government . This, in the same week that we were given the news of the longest period of negative growth since the Second World War. Thanet's own budget challenges, we are told are all uniquely the fault of Lehman Brothers. Nothing whatsoever to do with Gordon Brown and Alasdair Darling and Northern Rock and Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS and Afghanistan and Iraq and all those other inconvenient stories which never happened in New Labour's revisionist wonderland of shifting truths.

I really think it's time that Labour and its apostles stopped trying to convince us, locally and nationally about its wonderful track-record in Government and instead did a more convincing job of reassuring us that they have some idea of how to handle the consequences of a decade of mismanagement. and a national debt of almost unimaginable size!

Changing the subject to a more important matter of history , it's Remembrance Sunday tomorrow and I will be walking the wreath, donated by the Margate Charter Trustees, in the parade to the Westgate war memorial in Sea Road from St Saviours Church at 11:30. I hope to see some of you there.


Michael Child said...

Sorry about that Simon I was late putting it up here is the link
Incidentally it would be nice to get a Conservative group press release about these meeting to put up as well.

John said...

Simon, at 1130 hrs you will be a bit late!


Anonymous said...

Mrs Johnston making a fuss, I cannot believe it, I thought she had passed the 'Labour' brain cell on to uncle Clive?

Westgatonian said...

With word of Roger Gale stepping down, will you be stepping up to the mark? Whilst we Westgatonions appreciate the endeavours of all our Councillors to make the ward a nicer and safer place, modesty always ranks higher in peoples affection than constant selfcongratultory pomposity. Will your Xmas presents include a poncho and cigar?

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that you haven't marked in any way the death of Father John Richardson, the very popular vicar of Westgate and Westbrook who moved parishes to St. Peter's in September 2008. Father John died on October 26th and at his funeral in St. Peter's Church about 600 mourners of all ages from very young babies to the very elderly marked his passing at a very moving service. The church was filled to capacity with 100 standing and a large group listening in the porch.

I know it's nothing to do with politics but as you represent Westgate I would have hoped some comment from you.

DrM. said...

I'm sure that Father John Richardson will be sorely missed by all. This being a weblog and an occasional diary, I'm not always here or can't always write what people would like. Father John's obituary was properly carried elsewhere where proper credit and appreciation could be shown for his ministry and his work for the people of Westgate.

DrM. said...

I hadn't realised that Roger Gale was stepping down. It's news to me and I only saw him on Saturday!

I should add that I've just spoken to Kent Police and they have agreed to stagger the PCSO shifts into the evening I've also arranged to meet with Inspector Walden of British Transport Police. Now if I hadn't told you about this here where else would you have found out what this particular councillor was doing?

The cigar would be nice thank you but I won't be needing the poncho!

Anonymous said...

Roger Gale is standing down ? Well, at 67 I imagine he has had enough.
Quite made my day though, I might even start voting again !