Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Carbon Footprint

Like many other residents of Westgate out walking their dogs, I was appalled to see the fire damage caused to the beach huts at St Mildred's Bay, adjacent to the toilets.

As you will see from the photograph it's a mess.

I have spoken with the police who have it down as a 'Suspicious' incident and they have tasked extra patrols to keep an eye on the seafront in the evening. Beach huts rarely however catch fire spontaneously after dark and in the pouring rain and so it would not be unusual for passers-by to speculate as to the causes.

My next job is to see what can be done to clear-up the damage and deal with the now gaping and charred hole in our seafront view. Given the chronic shortage of public money now facing the economy and local government , it's a depressing incident, particularly as the huts, however old they might be, the huts are popular in the summer and form a matched set, which have been there since I was a boy.


Anonymous said...

Now you will realise where the kids from outside Edwards have gone. The problem, it seems to me, has just been moved to somewhere else.

DrM. said...

Well we don't know that but there's a PACT meeting in the St John's Ambulance hall in Cuthbert Rd at 7pm tonight if you wish to put that argument to me, the police and other residents?

Like everywhere else, Linksfield and Lymington have their own problems but I do try and look to the best interests of Westgate as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Another day and another break in into another garage besides Londis in Lymington Road.

And yes I know you're very well infomed, that's because you read about it on your web blog, and then got two phone calls from Mr Patel.

You would be even better informed about your 'voters' in this area of Westgate if this was not your first visit to the area, and the businesses trying to survive there, in the last two years!

As a matter of fact I have also been well informed that Cllr King has made one visit to the area in the last two years, and Cllr Goodwin, who used to live above Londis; has not bothered at all.

Just remember this is a large area of very disenchanted voters!

DrM. said...

I can't recollect meeting you at the public PACT meeting in Westgate this evening 7:28? This would have given you an excellent opportunity to express your concerns together with Mr Patel.

I'm a little bemused by what you think a councillor does? Only a fraction of people contact me via this weblog and most use the telephone. Why on earth you think I haven't visited the area I really can't fathom as some of the more deprived families in Westgate can be found close-by and with social housing issues and problems, may often call on their local councillor for help.

I'm sure you will agree that I'm readily available and equally responsive when contacted.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are pro-active, and respond when prompted.

It would have been nice if one of the elected councillors for Westgate had visited the area, and perhaps the businesses therein, in the last two years!

It would also be nice if the PACT meetings were advertised, and the local community invited and involved.

I for one would be delighted to attend and speak out. But only if I know when the meetings are being held; and that the general public are invited. And that you and the local plod can accept some straight talking!

There. A challenge for your next PACT meeting. Invite the public, and reap the whirlwind that comes.

There are a lot of very angry and disenchanted people who would like a voice. If you give us that voice, and let us come and tell you what really needs to be done at your little PACT session; then you might get some respect!

If not; then watch out for some serious opposition at the next election!

DrM. said...

If you set aside the unnecessary and insulting personal remarks and the "Come the Revolution Comrade" rhetoric, then you may be able to make a useful contribution.

PACT meetings are advertised in different places, library, Residents Association and yesterday's public meeting in the Thanet Gazette. The next public meeting is on 19th January at the St John Ambulance Hall in Cuthbert Rd.

I would recommend that at this juncture you use your name and stop hiding behind "anonymous" if you really wish to make a contribution.