Friday, October 30, 2009

Tony for Prez

Tony Blair's hopes of becoming President of the new Europe appear to be fading fast and even the best efforts of Thanet's Labour group to support him, may not be enough to tip the balance in his favour.

I've been busy re-reading George Orwell's novel. '1984' this week and I'm struck by some uncomfortable the parallels with our present Government. Here's a couple of quotes for you:

"The fabulous statistics continued to pour out of the telescreen. As compared with last year, there was more food, more clothes, more houses…. More of everything, except disease, crime and insanity."

Orwell appeared to be cynical about Labour, even in the forties, before it was 'New'. One conversation in the book is written in a political style characteristic of our most socialist of blogging councillors: "Lackey of the bourgeoisie, flunkies of the ruling class! Parasites that was another of them. And 'Yenas… 'e definitely called em 'yenas. Of course e' was referring to the Labour Party you understand."

So try re-reading 1984 and you might think that political correctness had replaced 'Doublethink', 'Thoughtcrime and 'Newspeak'. Orwell's worst fears for the future of British society, led by 'The Ministry of Truth' and the apostles of socialism appear to have come true, in a matter of ten short years from Blair to Brown.

You will have seen on the news that Britain is still caught in recession while the USA appears to have broken free with many other countries. By pouring 100's of $billions of dollars into the economy, President Obama appears to have pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat but one economist I was listening to this morning suggested that we might have to throw another £100 billion at our own economy to have the same result. However, the potential risks and consequences of £250 billion of debt are almost too awful to contemplate. A Bank of England economist on Channel 4 News said last night that in a war, you don't think about how much it costs but of how quickly you can win and that is, where we appear to be today.

But remember, Orwell's 1984 was written in 1949, when Britain was struggling to deal with the aftermath of the Second World War and from a purely economic perspective, things aren't looking much different. Still, there's always the possibility of Tony for President and that's bound to make us all feel much better about the future!

"The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power" - 1984


Anonymous said...

i support tone for prezz, thats one less labour voter left in the uk, now down to 3!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will this man ever stop feathering his nest. Tony Blair did not finish the term to which he was elected, has made an appalling mess of this country and peddles his money making schemes to build an empire that is an embarrassment to Britain. He should be in Europe, but as a war criminal being tried at the Hague.