Thursday, October 08, 2009

Party Time

I've been out doing something unusual over a high security prison near Birmingham today and will be curious to see if it makes tomorrow's papers, which are bound to be dominated by David Cameron's speech at the Conservative Party Conference.

One might expect to see the Labour Party cringing after Cameron's swinging attack on the Government; "Who has made the poorest poorer? Don't you dare lecture us on poverty!" As Channel 4 News commented, "The Tory Party has become the party of the poor and Labour is now the 'Nasty Party.'"

I'm sure that people, having heard the speech and Cameron's furious attack on Labour's record on poverty, will reach their own conclusions. I'm equally certain, we'll hear from Labour's 99th most popular Blogger, that our Labour Government is doing a really wonderful job, is giving Thanet more than enough money to deal with its growing challenge of social deprivation and that we should all be grateful for the mess the country is now in. It's not what I hear from people, either in my own ward or surprisingly enough, in Dane Valley either, ordinary working people sick to death of the half-truths, lies and spin that comes from a discredited Party desperate to hang on to power at our collective expense!

Whatever your political views, we have a debt crisis to solve and hard times ahead and we should all be ready for the fast-approaching changes in our lives that this will bring.

I had a call today from the Westgate PCSO who told me that the dispersal order for the village has been set back a week because of a statutory obligation to post the measure publicly in advance. There does seem to be some debate over the future of the bench I mentioned in earlier posts and so I suggest that if you have an opinion to air, one way or another, you come along to the Residents Association next Monday evening.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the days when police officers were allowed to be be police officers instead of sitting at a desk?

Anonymous said...

you are just like jordan allways wanting to be in the papers remeber the other week when you done the poster for the wedding proprosel arrrrr im not in the paper you sad git we can all see through you sad man

DrM. said...

It's a nasty little comment 8:18 butI will deal with it none the less!

Yesterday had nothing to do with "me" being in the papers, rather, what I was doing was of interest and if my business gets a mention, much like previous stories in The Sun and Sky News, I'm delighted. All publicity being good publicity!

As for the wedding proposal over Palm Bay. If any other local politician had done this do you think it might have had a passing mention in the local paper, even as a 'local business'?

More interestingly though, I know that my involvement was edited out of the final copy, which rather begs the question, 'Why'?

JP said...


TDC is a conservative run council that fails to collect the weekly rubbish and recycling effectively. What evidence is there that it could run the country any better?

DrM. said...

So how do you support your statement: "council that fails to collect the weekly rubbish and recycling effectively"

Rubbish is collected at scheduled times and some areas are specifically targetted for extra attention. The collections process also has to be managed within a tight budget, Residents are responsible for their rubbish outside the collection times and a council has a responsibility to collect it at regular intervals.

Attempting to draw a parallel between national and local Government, using a fallacious argument of this kind is hardly relevant!

On a quite separate note, do you really believe that the collected talents that make-up Thanet's Labour Group could do any better, given that they still struggle to accept the evidence of a recession and that the earth is not actually flat??

Anonymous said...

"ordinary working people sick to death of the half-truths, lies and spin that comes from a discredited Party desperate to hang on to power at our collective expense!"

Granted that this is the view of the present government,but I find it is also the feeling of Thanet residents towards the current local council.
I will give one instance of their failure-New Haine Road has made traffic problems worse in fact today for nearly an hour traffic was backed up all the way to the viaduct in Ramsgate,just one example of bad planning amongst many.

JP said...


I was refering to the practice of throwing the recycling in with the landfill, as has been happening in Margate. I could also be refering to the state of the eastcliff of Ramsgate on rubbish day. We've been asking for a seagull proof system for years now and your leader has the temerity to visit us once and declare everything a-ok. Now if this is the best you can do it isn't quite up to the mark. Crikey, we aren't exactly asking for a lot are we?

But you're quite right that just because you can't run a local council, it doesn't mean you can't run the country. However, since your shadow chancellor can't add up (£3bn budget mistake in Osborne's plans) I'll submit that in evidence instead.

I talked to my local councillor yesterday and I believe he is aware that there is a recession on. Are the tories aware that cutting public spending during such a period is considered a recipe for depression by economists?

Peter Checksfield said...

I'm the one who was responsible for breaking the "throwing recycling in landfill" story - it was filmed by a friend of mine & he asked my advice on who to contact. TDC are trying to make out that all the bags contained "contaminated" (ie non-recyclable) rubbish, but they're lying.

DrM. said...

I'll ignore the £3 billion jibe as it's allegation rather than 'evidence' at present. As for the opinion of economists, some might say one thing but others might opine quite differently as you well know!

Finally, if anyone can point to a succesful and affordable, 'Seagull-proof' system of rubbish protection, please let me know and I will happily pass it on!

Peter Checksfield said...

"Finally, if anyone can point to a succesful and affordable, 'Seagull-proof' system of rubbish protection, please let me know and I will happily pass it on!"

Dustbins used to work very well...