Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Plan and Another

I'm presently struggling with a new university course and with it, the impact of technology on our society and indeed, its future. For reader interest, I'm putting up a YouTube video, 'ShiftHappens' which is well worth watching for lovers of statistics.

Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan have also written a book, 'The Plan - twelve months to renew Britain' which I'm trying to read and finish this weekend. Already half-way through, I would recommend it to anyone.

I've just ordered the first of Amazon's 'Kindle' readers for the UK, so I'm looking forward to a future of being able to buy and download many thousands of books, newspapers, periodicals and publications, wirelessly into the hand held reading device, which can hold thousands of books in its memory.


Michael Child said...

This doesn’t sound too good from the booksellers point of view Simon.

DrM. said...

It's a good point Michael but in the same way that I'm being driven inexorably towards the Apple IPhone because of its Apps Library, the time poor among us who have no time to visit libraries or bookshops, will ultimately demand books delivered by wireless.

The opportunity for booksellers is to follow the iPhone apps concept and deliver publications, such as your own excellent local histories in the same way I suspect!>

Michael Child said...

Mumble, mumble, mumble, hope it falls in the bath, mumble, oh yes what a good idea Simon.