Thursday, October 22, 2009

It’s a Sign

I'm pleased to say that The Swan Inn in Westgate was granted permission by the council's planning committee yesterday evening, to have its back-lit fascia sign after a bit of a struggle. To cut a long story short, it has had a sign for many, many, years but has also now fallen inside the Westgate Conservation Area, which has a policy against such things. Anyway, together with ward councillor King, I spoke in favour of the application and I'm delighted that the committee sensibly interpreted the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law, as I requested.

Westgate itself remains quiet in the evenings and so the dispersal order and the action I took around the station last week, appears to have achieved its objective and has, I hope, sent the right message out to the small group of young people who have been responsible for most of the incidents in recent months. The great majority or teenagers here in Thanet behave responsibly and sensibly but thanks in part to poor parenting and adolescent boredom, like so many other parts of the country, we have a problem minority with interests leaning towards vandalism, public nuisance and alcohol and Government has no real answers when it comes to tackling the unhappy consequences of twenty years of bad social policies

On a lighter note, I took delivery of one of Amazon's 'Kindle' electronic readers yesterday and in a matter of minutes had downloaded, wirelessly and quite free, many great classic works to read when time allows, entirely free. Marx, Herodotus, Kipling, H.G.Wells to name but a few. I find the screen reads very well indeed and there's the added bonus of being able to import PDF documents. I can see a future when council documents are delivered this way. Presently, we use reams of paper but now I can drop the contents of an entire council meeting into a small, searchable reading device. It has to be the way forward but then we still have some councillors who won't use email at all and that has to change. Its really time I believe, to challenge any elected representative if he or she is not prepared or even willing to use the simple mass communications' tools of the 21st century; much like asking why a councillor wouldn't have a phone number in the 20th century!


ascu75 aka Don said...

Just on my way to the council website to contact members with no email address and ask them why they are unable to use this facility. if they are contactable by phone cos we have a postal strike.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the lack of youngsters out causing havoc is more to do with the weather than any dispersal order. What a pity steps couldn't be taken to try to find some worthwhile activity for them to engage in rather than have them congregating round the station area.

DrM. said...

You write this 12:14 and yet have no idea, whatsever, as to exactly what is taking place behind the scenes.

I've just come back from Westgate where the Traders appear happy - I have visited every shop and business in Station Road and St Mildred's Road - and there is a visible Police presence.

As I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, efforts have been made to arrange football and bowling for the teenagers in the evening but a minority of problem kids simply don't want to do anything more than 'hang-out' and cause trouble!

The weather has not been a significant contributing factor. Rather, swift and decisive action has been!

Anonymous said...

i find it very strange indeed that having been at the same planning meeting as your self that i am sure it was put forward by the other ward councillor b goodwin whom if i am right proposed that it should go forward yet he is not named in this blog i wonder why is it a case of getting all the praise for youself and not working with other i smell a rat

DrM. said...

You are trying my patience 12:55!

Cllr Goodwin sits on the planning committee.

Cllr Moores and King spoke in favour of the allowing the sign to remain.

The Planning committee voted - I believe unanimously to approve the sign.

That's all!

Anonymous said...

hit a s sore point i belive or do you won.t all the praise dr moores

DrM. said...

I would be fascinated to learn who I am supposed to be getting such praise from 1:52.. you appear to be the expert.

I do the job, quickly, I hope efficiently and to the best of my ability. I find it it interesting that you think that councillors are working for personal glory and praise. That may be the only reason that you do whatever you do but it illustrates for readers, your priorities in contrast with my own!

Anonymous said...

from reading most of your blogs it seem you do all the work within your ward i find that hard to belive as i know the other ward councillors do just as much within there ward but don,t look for praise like you do trying to be top dog i think

DrM. said...

I report what I do and indeed, what I do with other councillors, as you will notice from reading this last entry or indeed the reports surrounding anti-social behaviour in Westgate.

What other ward councillors choose to do separately or report is up to them. Howver, I do find that because I am almost instantly available to the public, word travels and with this my workload.

As you can clearly see 2:15, as I'm responding to your comment within 5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

are you saying that the other ward councillors can not be got hold of .come on know that is hard to understand because when i have been contacted via phone i and my other councillors respond by return still say you won,t to be top dog

DrM. said...

Ahh.. so you are a councillor 2:32!!

Does it not strike you then as deeply unprofessional to be having this conversation in the public domain using an 'anonymous' tag?

What I have written is quite unambiguous. I'm easy to find and easy contact as you are demonstrating here and give credit where credit is due.

Enough said then councillor and if you wish to correspond with me further about such matters I suggest we take this debate off-line where we can discuss the matter properly!

Westgate Old Lady said...

Well done Dr M! Where would we be without you?

Anonymous said...

If he's a councillor, then he should certainly brush up on his spelling and grammar - he/she should know better. The occasional trypo is forgiveable but not the litany of errors this semi-literate individual has made. Heaven help TDC.

Anonymous said...

6.16 I was just thinking the same thing. I feel sorry for the people he/she represents. They've got a councillor who is barely literate, resentful and with an inferiority complex the size of Thanet!
I wonder how efficient this person is in their council work for the poor people who voted for them when he/she prefers to spend time critisizing a councillor who actually does his job well.

Anonymous said...

Any idiot would understand that when it gets cold, dark, and wet the teenage hooligans go home!

But well done Marshall Moores for taking credit for clearing the streets once the weather has already done the job!

Anonymous said...

So you and Councillor King spoke in favour, but only you take any credit for the result?

Is it any wonder that the people of Westgate regard you as a self proclaiming fraud?

DrM. said...

Gosh, I hadn't realised that anti-social behaviour only took place during the day! - I must let the police know!

Westgate was very quite again last nigh and a lovely evening too as I walked around after 9pm

As for 12:05.. our familair 'creature of the night' "It's a fair cop Guv"!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant 1155 & 1205. You are seriously saying there is no crime when its dark, wet and cold!
If you ever left your room or tried communicating with other humans you would realise how ridiculous your comments are.
I can just hear all the murderers, muggers and robbers etc saying "Sod this, I'm not going to commit any crimes until the weather gets better and my thermal underwear arrives!"
Tell the Police they can all go on holiday until April!
As for the people of Westgate's opinions, again, you'd have to leave your room to find that one out so its a bit sad of you to comment on my behalf when its obvious even to "any idiot" you know nothing.

Anonymous said...

seems like dr moores is on the back foot here ,reads like you must not say a word against dear dr moores

Anonymous said...

Does it actually matter who gets the credit ? We live in a nicer place thanks to the efforts of our Councillors, and the arguement is more than one sided when you consider that only one of our local councillors actually uses this technology. Is it right, then, to critisize the efforts he makes in keeping us informed because the other two are not 'up to speed' on their computer skills. Come on, grow up, give the bloke a break, at least he is actually doing something for the place he lives in. Incidentally, I understand that one of the councillors doesn't actually live in Westgate, so does this mean he shouldn't get a mention at all ? Of course not.