Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clocks Back

The clocks are back, sunset, my watch tells me is at 16:48 and Ottos, the world's oldest dog (pictured) can enjoy a well-deserved nap.

Sunday, is however a workday for me for the next month or so, as I've a project in Abu Dhabi to complete and it's a normal day of the week, until about midday, because of the time difference. Thanks to the internet and 'Skype' calls however, my phone bills are rather lighter than using good old BT.

Yesterday evening, I dropped in to the cabaret cancer charity event at the Westgate pavilion, organised by our most colourful of local characters, 'Horace' and Birchington parish councillor, John Worrow. It was very good indeed, supported by Margaret Sheldrick, the Chairman of TDC, with some excellent and very amusing local talent on display. Kevin Crace is doing a wonderful job restoring the Westgate pavilion to its former glory and I would recommend visiting some of the events there to enjoy the atmosphere.

Walking back through the village, later that evening, aside from three bored teenagers at the bus stop, it was absolutely quiet and in marked contrast with previous weeks. I now have many of the traders on email and rather than simply 'doing the rounds' for a chat, I'm hoping that they can keep me abreast of any changes when they need to.

Councillors Goodwin and King are working on the Westgate Christmas lights. These and the celebrations we have when they are turned-on, have been a great success over the last two years with great personal generosity shown by Darren Ellis but this time, thanks in part to the economic climate surrounding donations, we have a shortfall, I'm told, of £1,500 that we are trying to make-up.

Councillors can make a modest contribution from their own special community fund, of £500, which we are all happy to do but an application has gone to the Margate Charter Trustees to see if there's a little financial support available there and I know that the traders and businesses have been asked if they can spare a little extra. I'm optimistic that we will reach the figure but the community will have to work fast, as it's almost November. I'm sure that Cllrs Goodwin and King will keep me informed of their progress and I will post any updates here.


Anonymous said...

Well i for one hate the dark nights and my little dog woke me at five this morning(no-one told her about the clocks!)It makes me and many others tired and SAD syndrome,why can't they leave them alone,it is proven that more accidents happen with dark nights and mornings.

Anonymous said...

Birchington-based John Marshall-Redding, is taking part in a the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally 2010 in June to raise money for Help for Heroes. It's a charity that is close to all our hearts. He and the rest of Team Cobra will raise £10k by June and is already 13% of the way there. Lots of local companies have sponsored his Mercedes G Wagen 4x4, donating so they can have their name stuck all over the bodywork of his rally vehicle.

He's having a charity fundraiser weekend on 7/8 Nov 2009 at the Powell Arms & Belfry restaurant, Birchington Square between 11.00 am and midnight. Some of the rally 4x4's will be there and kids can sit inside for photos. There will be live music from local band the ‘Filthy the Dog’ from 9.30pm and an auction, with items up for grabs including a signed boxing glove by European light-middleweight champion Ryan Rhodes and a boxing glove signed by Margate boxer Takaloo.

On Sunday there will be an evening quiz from 8.30pm. Entry is £10.00 per team with cash prizes to be won.

For more info, contact John Marshall-Redding on
843638 and visit his fundraising website

Thanks loads for any support.
John Marshall-Redding MIPI

Anonymous said...

Is Eastcliff Richard really dead - or has he just done a Reggie Perrin? Perhaps he'll come back as Elvis. Maybe he's out horseriding with Shergar and Lord Lucan!

Anonymous said...

On a different subject whose dumb idea is it to put yellow lines in a residential area of westgate,oo it makes me so cross not to be able to park in my road anymore-bet you can park outside your house though Doc,Hmm...

DrM. said...

Probably KCC after consultation with the police and the council and normally for good reason.
Double yellows are scheduled to be painted outside my own house this year according to the notic eon thelamp post!

Anonymous said...

With regard to the yobs in Westgate on-going problem; has no one sought to demand the help of the Ursuline College in Westgate?

In January 2006, they employed an Adventure Sports Community Coach, paid for mainly by Sports England; to, and I quote, to implement a community sports programme. This will include evening, weekend, and holiday times.

Since the employment of this person, nothing has been done for the community, and nothing has been done outside of school hours!

As we the tax payers are paying for this coach, it would be fair to ask why they are not doing anything for the youth of Westgate, the job they are employed to do!

Your comments would be appreciated, your getting the college to fulfill their duty to the community would be appreciated by all!

DrM. said...

Thank you. I will make enquiries.