Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wheels for Ralph

The charity fund-raising in aid of "Wheels for Ralph' is still going strong at Minnis Bay despite the unpleasant change in the weather today. Organised by Parish councillor John Worrow and the Birchington Village Partnership, together with the Westgate Pavillion, Ramsgate Bandstand group and number of local organisations, it aims to raise money for a specially adapted vehicle for the severely disabled 2-year-old boy, suffering from a crippling muscular condition called condition called Nemaline Myopathy.

If you can get over to the cliff-top charity event to add your support I'm sure you will be very welcome, there's hot snacks, children's entertainment and more to keep you occupied.

My special thanks today goes to the air-traffic controllers at Manston and the respective pilots of the Eurofighter and Spitfire for their formation low pass along the sands. With the prevailing low-cloud, it wasn't the easiest of targets to spot I'm sure but between the controllers and my cellphone, they choreographed the fly-past perfectly, so many thanks again!

If you are able to make a small donation of your own, then you can find a link to do so online at the website.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Simon. I sent a little by PayPal.

DrM. said...

Well done Rick - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Always happy to support your charity efforts. We should not define ourselves by our differences but rather by the much larger areas of common values.