Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small Feathers

It's the start of another, Costa del Sol like autumn morning on the beach. We really have been extraordinarily lucky with the weather but with little or no rain, I have noticed that the birds are increasingly stressed and I have seen more dead ones of late than I can ever recall. So if you have a bird-bath or a means of leaving water out , spare a thought for the small creatures who haven't had a decent drink in months I suspect!

Outside in the bright blue sky today, there's clearly very little wind at altitude and this demonstrates the effect of 'Global dimming' in the relatively narrow flight-path from Europe, descending into Heathrow between the Essex and the Kent coasts

You can see how the slowly spreading contrails are merging and acting as a barrier to the sunlight in a singl portion of the sky. Not so much a problem here in Northern latitudes but a prime suspect in the equatorial regions for hiding the real impact of climate change.

A little gem from today's papers: "Drivers who listen to rap or hip hop music in their cars are most at risk of accidents or road rage incidents, a new study has claimed."

This grabs me as a statement of the 'bleedin' obvious'. My experience is normally one of the vibration reaching intrusively into my own car and the invariably young driver, baseball cap pushed sideways, swaying from side to side with the rythm, frequently with a cigarette in one hand and a mobile phone in the other!

Mind you, here in Thanet, I might say we are more at risk from drivers of all ages using their mobile phones and frequently texting while driving. I'm going out shortly and I'm prepared to bet that I will see this once, if not twice in the next sixty minutes and it's worrying when you happen to be riding a motorcycle and the other drive is quite oblivious to your presence.

This week marks the beginning of a new university course. Forget the car, first of all it's very 'un-green' and because simply getting from home to the campus without leaving the house much earlier than I would like would make it impossible. As an example, I had a meeting at Canterbury yesterday morning at 9am and left at 8am; arriving at 8:45. If I had used the car, I suspect I might still be queuing at the Sturry railway crossing with everyone else and so I prefer to take the motorcycle, even with the imminent arrival of the winter weather.

Better go and fill the birdbath before I go then!


Michael Child said...

Thanks for pointing this out Simon ours was “as dry as a fish” (Bedfordshire expression that I don’t understand and I have just filled it up.

Anonymous said...

we had a quick count of people using mobiles whilst on the school run today.
Dane Valley to St Georges-14
and on the way back-11
I have a bluetooth link to my radio and do not touch anything to take a call and nothing is really so urgent that ihave to make calls whilst driving.
The other thing I have noticed is having too many people in the car,5 children in the back of a 5 seater car none of whom were wearing seat belts and 2 adults in the front- both belted but the woman in the front had a baby in her arms.
It seems to me that road safety is for everybody else,but what can be done?