Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Red (Blue) Baron Strikes Again!

I see the Thanet Times ran the story of the marriage proposal I flew for Dan to Sam at Palm Bay on Saturday afternoon. A nice photo (pictured left) and the memorable moment of a lifetime for the happy couple.

Strangest thing though, no passing mention of the pilot's name or even the company involved, simply the cryptic information: "Hired a plane with a banner." Perhaps it was the cartoon character 'Snoopy' in his disguise as 'The Red Baron'?

Given the effort to tie the aircraft, photographer and the reporter up with the location and the exact moment, do I detect an editorial or political bias here I wonder? It's in contrast with a similar story a couple of years ago.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe the reporters are just fed up of being slagged off by you on your blog?

DrM. said...

It's a nice try at being unpleasant however given the fact I gave them the story and helped maked it happen, you might think that the normal convention of a passing credit to the company might appear.

However, I do happen to know that the story was first written with a credit by the journalist but redacted by the editor for some reason that remains unclear!

Anonymous said...

Well with a by - election in Margate the paper has to be careful.

Anonymous said...

Surprised you haven't realised that the Gazette is a left-wing rag that constantly slags off Thanet and treats the people like idiots. The Editor etc don't live here so don't give a stuff except it pays there wages. They would have you believe that anyone with anything to do with Labour walks on water and can do no wrong.
Where was the judgement against David Green by the standards investigators hidden away?. Not even published just hidden away in the Adscene. Name me one Labour person who the Gazette has has critisised.
Why can't the Gazette ever try to lift Thanet up and help people to be proud to live here. When I was young thats what a good local paper did. They weren't depressing, biased and downright nasty chip wrappings.

DrM. said...

The political by-election period of 'purdah' hasn't started yet and I'm not standing anyway 8:32!

I'm sure the Gazette will have been critical somewhere of our Labour friends somewhere 8:39 but I can't immediately think of an example in the recent past!