Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The End is Near

'The end is nigh...' or appears so with The Sun newspaper withdrawing its support from Gordon Brown and Labour after yesterday's Party conference speech at Brighton.

I sat through the whole affair and must confess to have felt more than a little nauseous after Sarah Brown's introduction of her husband, which was so 'American' in style, I'm surprised that the audience were not wearing Democratic Convention hats and munching popcorn as well!

This morning, I was delighted to see Sky's Adam Boulton, pin the Prime Minister down with a question I sent him. I used to work for Sky News and have Adam's personal email address.

Gordon Brown's stated plans for care for the elderly are laudable but who pays? The fear is that Government will find a pot of money from somewhere for three years and then dump the burden in the laps of the already cash-challenged local authorities like Thanet to carry on with from the Council Tax, rather like pensioner bus passes.

Adam asked this question and Gordon Brown gave the answer I expected. That money is already set aside from 'Non-priority' areas and cost-savings in the local Government budget for the next three years but he avoided expanding on the question. Adam replied that local councillors' (one for Thanet) are concerned that the money simply isn't there given the scale of the economies that are presently required and Gordon Brown remarked:"Councillors are always saying there isn't enough money". insisting that the money did exist but once again declined to be precise as to how this would be funded in the longer-term!

All promises, lots of spin and a delusional failure to accept responsibility, any responsibility for what has taken place in our country for the worse over the last ten years. And that' s not just me saying so!

I'm reminded of a Shakespeare passage from 'Antony & Cleopatra' that I learned at school:

"The loyalty well held to fools does make our faith mere folly. Yet he that can endure to follow with allegiance a fallen Lord will conquer he that did his master conquer and earn a place in the story"


Call me Infidel said...

The last part of the interview with Boulton was for me rather disturbing. Brown's "death stare" at Boulton struck me as extremely odd and rather worrying. We have all read the rumours of flying Nokias and printers being shoved off desks. The look that Brown gave Adam Boulton suggested to me that Brown has a rather tenuous grip on his own sanity. I somehow doubt he will lead the Labour party to a humiliating defeat next June. I believe they will depose him and fit some other mug up for the job as a damage limitation strategy.

JP said...

Personal attacks are a rather low and desperate form of politics. You'll struggle to shake off that 'nasty party' image if you're not careful.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives may have many faults but at least they're not employing sleazoids like Derek Draper who wanted to smear a recently breaved Mother among other things. In London in the 1970s and 80s Labour thugs lurked around the polling stations to make sure of votes. If you were suspected of voting Tory you ended up with dog mess being shoved through your letterbox. So spare me the nasty party stuff. I've seen the real Labour party up-close and it is a betrayal of everything it was set up to be. The original Trade Unionists and Matchgirls from the East End must be spinning in their graves. All they stood for has been sold off by champagne socialists who wouldn't know a days work from a hole in the ground.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see the real labour party in action, go to a town where miners who worked through the strike live, dog poo is one of their lesser problems