Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Sky Photos

A gentle north-easterly breeze on Margate sea-front didn't offer ideal conditions for the 'Big Sky' kite display this afternoon, as some of the very large kites, while expertly flown, appeared to be struggling to find enough lift. The overall display was however very impressive indeed and a great day out, supported by the Margate Town Partnership, with lots of people coming to the beach to watch or browse the open-air market.

I've attached a few photos here so you can appreciate how colourful the kites were.

Following a vigorous but friendly political discussion with Margate's top blogger, Tony Flaig, who was also taking photographs, I also noticed some quite impressive gymnastics by a couple of teenage boys showing-off to their girlfriends by doing daring somersaults from the promenade. This lad, I just managed to capture at distance with a 300mm telephoto lens as he came out of his flip. In contrast and nearby, another small gang of less athletic teenagers were openly smoking dope and were quite possibly too stoned to attempt anything more challenging than standing upright!

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