Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Winter of Discontent

I did rather wonder last night, just before the start of the BBC's 'Any Questions' at Margate's Winter Gardens, if we were going to have a small riot, when ten names from the audience were drawn from the hat to ask questions of the panel and directed to specially reserved chairs in the front row.

Three of these, were Richard Samuel, Roger Latchford and me. "It's a fix" protested the lady behind me, to the BBC producer. "You've got the Deputy Leader of the council and its Chief Executive"; I don't think she knew who I was though, so I kept my head down.

In fact, this was all a coincidence as the BBC explained. They simply picked what they thought were the "best ten questions" from the box that had been provided and oddly enough, Roger Latchford was picked twice but he gallantly gave his second question away for someone else to ask.

It was an interesting debate but started to run out of time towards the end and so my own question was missed out and the final word from the audience went to Richard Samuel, who asked if "reports of the death of the English seaside town were exaggerated", paraphrasing, Mark Twain.

Apparently not, according to John Kampfner and others and the completed Turner Contemporary will very soon put Margate right back on the map as a preferred tourist destination, which is nice and something for us all to look forward to!

I was greeted by Peter Checksfield on the way in - nice to meet you Peter - and Tony Flaig from Margate's 'Premier News Blog' BigNews Margate, was also in the audience and we had our normal energetic chat about the state of British politics. Perhaps our views are really not that much different and I really believe that when the next local elections come around, Tony should think of standing for an experience of politics from the sharp-end, maybe even as a Kent County Councillor, which would be interesting I'm sure!


Peter Checksfield said...

A pleasure to meet you too Simon. I looked out for Tony Flaig but I guess he must've used the other entrance (& I agree that Tony should seriously consider entering politics!).

I was out of ear-shot last night, but I listened to the debate via the internet this morning. Nothing earth-shattering but interesting enough.

tony flaig bignews said...

It was a pleasant enough evening, sorry to have missed Peter, was going to compliment him on the annual debate in gazette should nude sunbathing be allowed at botany bay.

If any one saw me as nature intended or maybe not, I think the answer would be a resounding not blooming likely.