Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paradise Lost

Listening to Lord Mandelson discussing the Libyan fiasco on the news today, I have a grudging respect for both his intellect and his powers as a communicator.

Mandelson is without doubt the Prime Minister Labour never had and I'm reminded of a verse from Milton's 'Paradise Lost', "To justify the ways of God to Man".

Gordon Brown, even if he weren't on holiday, is completely unequipped for dealing with the media, grinning at the wrong moment or simply being characteristically sullen. Those survivors of his shrinking Cabinet are not much better equipped either, although the young David Milliband does try and do a good impression of the young Tony Blair at times.

But the deployment of Mandleson at difficult moments, simply illustrates that Labour has nowhere left to go. Cabinet positions are looking much like the political equivalent of Stalingrad with no relief in sight. There's nobody left, they've all gone, Blunkett, Byers, Smith, Reid, Clarke; the list seems almost endless with the supply of good socialist, New Labour talent either exhausted or to use another metaphor, simply unprepared to join the band on the deck of the Titanic as it slowly sinks below the political waves.

Once the ship has finally disappeared, the rest of us will be left bobbing around in the lifeboats for at least the next ten years wondering why the crew sold the oars and the emergency rations. However, I can promise that one member of the crew will defy the inevitable sinking, having prepared his own lifeboat in advance, a gift perhaps from a wealthy Russian businessman and equipped with all the small luxuries that a successful European politician needs for an ocean-going vacation.

I wonder who that might be?


Ken Gregory said...

Speaking as your alleged 'Ground Crew' (good job as I hate the idea of flying without either engines or a parachute) If we are the survivors of the shipwreck that is the Labour Government, lets hope we get the lifeboat to us soon

Anonymous said...

What's your alternative? A bunch of Old Etonians with no stated policies.

As for:

"I can promise that one member of the crew will defy the inevitable sinking, having prepared his own lifeboat in advance, a gift perhaps from a wealthy... businessman and equipped with all the small luxuries that a successful... politician needs for an ocean-going vacation."

I presume you're talking there about Sandy Ezekiel.

DrM. said...

Writing as the product of a Thanet secondary modern, I have no problem recognising the benefits of attending one of the best schools in the country and I don't really have much time for either inverted snobbery or the baggage of so-called "class war" either!

In fact, I know or knew Eton College quite well and have a great deal of respect for its academic standards having been involved in a business project, sponsoring the college in the late eighties, when it was within walking distance of my office.

As for "no stated policies" I fear that 11:03 lives on a different planet. The principle policies of the Conservative Party are well-stated and available to study should he be interested!

Call me Infidel said...

Dr. M I'm afraid I can't share your grudging respect for Peter Mandleson. My true opinion of this odious reptile is most likely unprintable. He will not be the only one with a good pension, and no doubt another job lined up with the EU. Even without that he still has his cushy seat in the Lords. There is also the future EU El Presidente Teflon Tony to consider.

However when these scoundrels are eventually hounded out of office I feel there should be some kind of enquiry into the dealings of Mandleson et al. The most recent fiasco over handing back of the convicted terrorist Al Megrahi reeks of Mandleson's involvement in underhand deals. There may very well be questions over the original conviction, but they should be answered at appeal. This case stinks on many levels and though it may take some time I believe eventually the truth will out.

Anonymous said...

No the truth will not out as it is in the interests of the american Government to keep things quiet!

They do not want a public enquiry that would ask why an American flight crew ignored all safety protocols and took off as they did!

When a bomb might well have been found if they had done what they were supposed to have done!

Me thinks they do complain too much!