Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Days

For the benefit of Cllr Nottingham who has published a rather long-winded defence of his attendance record, one which is only marginally better than 'Our Man in Panama' Cllr Broadhurst, I'll happily answer a number of questions he has asked about my past.

It was while I was working for Sky News in 1999, as their technology pundit, (I was then the CEO of a company called The Research Group) and taking part in Michael Wilson's 'Sky Business Report' - every Thursday evening at 7:30 that I met former Cabinet Secretary, Alex Allan. Alex had been tasked by Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to deliver on his vision for an online society, and a quick trawl through Computer Weekly, my weblog and The Observer newspaper archives, will both send you to sleep and show that I had been both broadcasting and writing for the newspapers quite prolifically on that same subject.

Anyway, to cut a long story short and because of my connection with the IT industry, I found myself assisting in the programme, a handful of us, from the office at 70 Whitehall and which became the Office of the eEnvoy.

The Director of Industry in the new unit was Richard Barrington and part of the remit involved educating and reaching out to foreign Governments. In around 2000 - 2001, I found myself in the role of his stand-in and also 'Technology Ambassador' for this Cabinet Office unit representing the UK Government in South Korea, Brazil, Hungary, Greece and more; at one point, indirectly standing in - a convoluted story -  for the Trade & Industry Secretary, Patricia Hewitt at the Emirates Forum in Dubai.

When Alex left, he was replaced by Andrew Pinder who started what we called 'the Army of the eEnvoy' from the original seven. Because of my 'Arabist' past, I spent a great deal of time in the Middle East on specific missions and in particular, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman and Kuwait. At one point in 2001, I met privately with the personal emissary of the President of Iran in Dubai and passed back a message to No10.

My No10 contact was Ed Richards, now the head of Ofcom but was then one of Tony Blair's personal advisors and the man who inspired me to join the Conservative party. Another close advisor was William Perrin, (Knowledge Economy). On communications issues, I worked with Lucian Hudson who ended-up as assistant to the Deputy PM I believe.

Now, I could go on but if Cllr Nottingham's really that interested or dubious about my history, he simply has to 'Google' the reams of material I've written, such as the seventy page or so study I did for Trade Partners UK of Saudia Arabia and its entry into the internet age. The summary document is here.

At the end of this document, which was published on the DTI website, it states: "An advisor to the UK government's Office of the e-Envoy, Dr Moores assists The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Trade Partners UK and The British Council and represents the Office of The e-Envoy at international government -focused events and conferences." I can't really think he needs more evidence than that or perhaps he thinks I made that up too!

If that doesn't work, then simply ask Richard Barrington or my other old friend, Alan Mather, former Chief Executive at the Office of the e-Envoy.

Cllr Nottingham, may never have heard of all this and I find his interest in my past flattering. I doubt that everything Tony Blair was doing at the time was cleared through him either! Unlike him, I've never met Gordon Brown and had a smiley picture taken and to tell the truth, I wouldn't want to either

Happy days...!


I thought I might add a smiley photograph from my own collection with a socialist, rather than Stalinist Prime Minister. This gentleman is of course Australia's Paul Keating with whom I was having dinner and not simply a smile and staged handshake opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear!
Cllr N seems to be so rattled he's started to put badly spelled (very cunning!) comments up on his own site.
Jolly nice of him to give you the opportunity to explain your accomplishments.
What a political "own goal".
Almost as good as the grovelling "pre-booked" questions directed to Gordon Brown so he can answer "yes, I did part the red sea, bring full employment, end crime and make everyone happy in the UK"
Thank you Cllr Nottingham, best laugh I've had in ages.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that noone doubts your much publicised cedentials; it's your educational background that is of interest.

How you went from a degree in English to a Doctorate in IT via an American university that has never heard of you!

That is what confuses people.And that is why this post will not appear on your Thanet Life blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Typically, Councillor, you fail to deal with the general thread of Councillor Nottingham's posting -his attendance at meetings.You have criticised him for failing to attend but choose to ignore his explanation.

You have written in the past you worked 'with Tony Blair' so what you appear to be saying now is somewhat different or were you simply abbreviating the full story?

At least, other than one mention of the PM, Councillor Nottingham doesn't name-drop constantly or bore us mere mortals with flying exploits.

Can you answer his poster who appears to question your qualifications? That's a question I've seen raised before but never read a full explanation from you.

DrM. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mnottingham said...

Simon I've updated my post to show that you have not answered any of the questions asked. Would you kindly have another go at answering the questions simply and directly, or explain why you object to answering them?
Most people know when they started and finised a job even from 10 years ago, what their job title was, the location of their work, who their boss was....

DrM. said...

I don't know if you are being delibarately obtuse or not?

You are, like me, a simple local councillor and have no divine right to demand answers to any of your questions, whether it be me or Laura Sandys or Sandy Ezekiel or Roger Gale and more.

I have extended you the courtesy of a potted history here. Unlike you, at the level at which I work, I don't have "bosses". At the Cabinet Office however, I reported directly to Alex Allen and Andrew Pinder.

That should be enough for you and for most people I would hope and I don't plan to offer any more on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Saw Councillor Notttingham's blog answers about why he doesn't do anything in Thanet. He'll soon be explaining why he didn't hand in his science homework in 1986!
You've obviously touched a nerve there Doc.

Anonymous said...

I live in Northwood and I would like an answer. Why won't Councellor Nottingham give me his address and phone number. ALL the other councellors do so why is he so special?

Anonymous said...

Nottingham doesn't live in Thanet, doesn't work in Thanet, doesn't know Thanet, doesn't care about Thanet and hides from the people who elected him. He should stay in London and Brussells with his unelected champagne socialist mates and let a local who can be bothered to represent Northwood take his seat.
Thanet is more important than a short note on his C.V. as he works his way up the Labour Party.

DrM. said...

I may not agree with Cllr Nottingham but unlike him, perhaps, I'm not prepared to allow demonstrably rude, malicious or defamatory comments about him to appear here, which is why I removed the last comment having read the full text properly.

He'll probably call this censorship but I prefer to describe it as good manners!

Anonymous said...

I suppose you speak arabic too? Show off!

DrM. said...

Badly but it does get better with practise!

I should point-out that Patricia Hewitt was at the DTI but at the same time, I was also working with the DTI through the FCO and Trade Partners UK as you may notice from my Saudi document.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you even bother answering any of Nottingham's questions.
Its all smokescreen to cover the fact that he doesn't do anything for the people who elected him and he's been caught out.
To him Northwood is just a small entry on his C.V. as he crawls his way up the Labour Party, which is a bit like wanting to be an officer on the Titanic. Snazzy uniform but no future!
I think the homework comment sent him over the edge and has made him reveal his true, nasty and insecure colours.
Anyway, who died and left him in charge? He doesn't even list his home address, phone number or email. He certainly hasn't got a list of achievements or even a job for us to analyse and check and I think that's the root of his problem the poor dear. Envy.
A psychiatrist reading his blog would suggest some immediate therapy and a more mature choice of friends. Ordinary people who work for a living (yes work) see that the Derek Draper Labour tactic of personally attacking anyone you fear is alive and well. Nottingham and his tactics would not be allowed if Gordon Brown really did have the "moral compass" he drones on about because the ethics of the Party come from the top. The "son of the manse" whose father was a Minister is just as morally bankrupt as his followers. Shame on them all.
The British public is waiting to vote you all into oblivion.
Good riddance!