Sunday, August 16, 2009

Death and Taxes

The tragic figure of two hundred deaths in Afghanistan, was quickly passed this weekend, almost in the blink of an eye. In the statistics of a failing conflict the names of brave young men flash across the television screens and are forgotton by the audience, almost as swiftly, as more names take their place and the casualty toll rises.

Here at home without the daily threat of Taleban bombs, you might be forgiven for not thinking there was a war on. It's a conflict which is costing us £billions and with no sense of any conclusion in the near future and it's all about protecting us from the threat of domestic terrorism, militant Islam or an Al Qaeda which has now apparently moved house to operate freely in the failed state of Somalia.

Where as a nation we demonstrably fail our servicemen and women on a regular basis we agonise over the rights of others, such as the 'mother' of 'Baby Peter' who will one day be given a new identity and home; reprtedly costing close to a £1 million at the taxpayers' expense.

Most people work hard, pay their taxes and live-law abiding lives but where is the incentive today, in 'Brown's Britain to live an honest life when for an increasingly large minority, the choice of an alternative lifestyle visibly enjoys unlimited benefits without any requirement for social responsibility?

We heard last week of a cynical plan by the Treasury where HM Revenue & Customs is increasing the interest rate it charges on payments of inheritance tax made after the six month deadline. The rate will change to 2.5 per cent above the Bank Rate next month, increasing the current level of 0 per cent to 3 per cent.

The Government has always known that when a relative dies, liquidating assets takes many months and invariably closer to a year once the estate has been properly administered and sold. Consequently, it's never been in a hurry to collect. Now in this stealth effort to raise more tax it sees a window of opportunity to raise a significant sum, by charging the family a penalty for not selling the deceased's home fast enough in the worst recession since the 1930's.

I wonder if the Government has shares in Homebuyers UK as people will be desperate will take any price on a house rather than face a large tax bill?

In all likelihood we have eight months to the next General Election and already we have 2.5 million unemployed. By the spring, this could be close to 3 million with a family struggling behind each statistic.

'British jobs for British workers' - illegal under the Human Rights Act - and other equally trite and meaningless Labour soundbites have placed us in the worst economic position since the Second World War. While France and Germany show signs of coming out of recession, our dependence on the financial sector to drive our city economy, means that we are still firmly buried by a mountain of debt that is quite unimagineable to the ordinary citizen.

As it has ever been, this Labour Government will leave the country in the same awful shambles as its predecessors. During its term of office many if not most of the privileges of democracy, handed down to us from the time of Magna Carta, have been swiftly dismantled and replaced by the world's most intense surveillance society. If George Orwell were alive today, he might have looked back on Labour's last ten years and written a sequel to '1984' and called it '2010'. What an interesting book that might have been!

And if you disagree, there's always Derek Draper's box of tricks to call upon. He may have left No10 but I bet his PC is still switched on!

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Call me Infidel said...

A few days back Radio 4 had an interview with Peter Mandleson. (I refuse to dignify this odious creep with the appelation Lord). The interviewer was Evan Davies and his frustration at Mandleson's constant attempt to state what the Tories would have done was obvious. To me the presence of this poisonous creep at the centre of British politics sums up everything that is wrong with the UK.

It is going to get very messy in the coming months as this shambolic government winds up its dirty tricks machine. Not much has been heard from Draper of late but what's the betting he and McBride are still on the payroll?

It would be interesting to catalogue just how many of our civil liberties have been eroded under these scoundrels. I recently learned that the 1998 Crime & Disorder Act removed the death penalty for treason. Forward planning on their part? Of course this was inevitable since the Human Rights Act would not have been possible without removing the capital punishment from the statute book.

The next governmemt could quite easily make null and void any laws passed in the past twelve years and we would be far better off. How much benefit has the average law abiding citizen benefitted from the reams of new laws on Health & Safety, HRA, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum? Roll on June.