Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming Down

I'm told the 'Blogosphere' has been busy today but in such glorious weather, I've been above it all, at a scorching Cranfield for much of the day.

After close to three years of unrelenting study, flying and fourteen written technical exams, today, I finally succeeded in obtaining the CAA's instrument rating to add to my commercial pilot's license and so in principle at least, I could perhaps apply for a job tomorrow flying tourists to Malaga; unlikely though as I'm getting on a bit now and there's a recession in the airline industry, as the anti-Manston group like to remind us.

No doubt, I'll discover elsewhere in the Blog comments that this too exists only in my imagination but the unrelenting stress of the practical flight test exam at least will stay with me for ever. I certainly don't want to experience anything like it ever again.

Time then to break out a very cold beer and catch up with all the paperwork I now have to complete and fees I have to send in for the change in my license. The CAA have a great deal in common with serious and organised crime but the latter are far less expensive and bureacratic to deal with in my opinion .

Tomorrow, I've been asked if I can arrange an air display for one of the young 'Paras' killed in Afghanistan. A very sad occasion as I'm sure everyone will agree and my deepest sympathy goes to his family and the families of so many others who have lost their loved one to the Taleban.

Finally, all Bloggers who allow unmoderated and anonymous comments and those who make such posts, might be well advised to read the landmark ruling against Google reported in the newspapers today.


Stop the loonies said...

Congrats on your IFR rating.

Peter Checksfield said...

Congratulations indeed Simon!

And I quite agree that when bloggers (or anyone else) make anonymous libelous comments then they should be identified.

DrM. said...

It's worrying when anonymous posters either twist the detail so very badly!

For example much of the ground covered this week was dealt with over a year ago and for the record, if anyone happens to be reading, I would again draw their attention to ISSN 0969-9325 published by the Institute of Information Scientists in the early 90s.

This contains four articles/theses and among them:

"Linguistic approaches to text management" (Smeaton)

"Hyper-book: an experience in designing and evaluating electronic books" (Catenazzi & Sommaruga)

"The application of expert systems technology to electronic information retrieval" (Morris & Drenth)

"Lotus Notes: an emerging groupware standard" (Moores)

So perhaps our anonymous and excitable Thanet sleuth who can find no record of any academic contribution has either been asking the wrong questions, looking in the wrong places or hasn't really been looking that hard!

Readers may recall that Michael Child looked into all this rather more forensically on his own Blog and appeared satisfied with the answers. Michael, would you disagree?

Anonymous said...

"Councillor" Nottingham involving your Wife in his rantings was the last straw for me. I know her from the Hospital and the Church. She is not a public figure so it must be truly horrible to be smeared by spiteful people who obviously know nothing about who she is or what she does for others.
Lowest of the low.