Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The true unemployment figures might be higher than you think, according to a report from the 'Think Tank' Policy Exchange.

They estimate the true figure as being nearer an astonishing six million or one in six of the 37-million-strong working age.

This includes 1.6million on Jobseeker's Allowance and 2.6million on incapacity benefit and its replacement Employment and Support Allowance - more than a million of whom the Government believes are perfectly capable of working.

Regardless of whether the true figure is two million or six million, it's still several million too many and reflects a number of factors, the recession being just one, which are changing the face of our economy and the nature of the workforce.

In order to recover and compete with the Far Eastern economies, we need a different skills set beyond banking, public and service sector jobs but there's abosultely no sign of this happening and its reflected in the continued and dismal literacy statistics of our schools.

On a much happier note, I walked around the coastline yesterday and was delighted to see how spotless our beaches and promenades were and how hard the beach cleaners were working to keep them that way. We have a wonderful coastline and on a day like yesterday, Thanet was being shown-off to its best for the benefit of visitors.


Broadstairs resident said...

Clean maybe but several polluted by seaweed on the low water mark esepecially bad at Dumpton Gap. Quite smelly, too and, of course, full of sand flies that can give a nasty bite.

Perhaps if we have some windy weather the seaweed will get carried back out to sea.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add my thanks to the beach cleaners, well done.

Mr Friday said...

I am one of the first to complain when TDC do something wrong but I must say their beach cleaning regime is first class. I often go running early in the morning at the weekends and the beaches are immaculate and being worked on as early as 7am.

Anonymous said...

Yes credit where credit is due, i can see the beach cleaners working from very early on in the mornings from Margate to Minnis bay, thank you guys, Simon can you pass on our thanks to the foreshore team? I think the man at the council responsible for the foreshores name is Jo?

Anonymous said...

A mate of mine named Steve is one of the aforesaid beach cleaning team. He and his colleagues are up at first sparrow fart with their machines to clean the beaches at this time of the year. Well done to all - Broadstairs beach looked particularly good at the weekend, nice to see it busy, as it should be

Anonymous said...

My son is also one of the beach cleaners. It's his first real job during school holidays, and he's finally found out what hard work and getting up before 10 O'clock is really all about. I hope it makes him study harder this year! Jammy Dodger.

Peter Checksfield said...

Anon 8:38, if your son is of school age then surely he's been getting up before 10 O'clock for at least the past decade?